Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Sports Spectacular

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Press: Bathroom Readers' Press (2008)
Publication Date:2008-1
Author Name:The Bathroom Readers Institute


We collected the most entertaining sports & games articles from our extensive book series - and then came up with a slew of all-new spectacular entries. 
You'll find little-known origins, tales of triumph, embarrassing goofs, plus the stories behind some of the strangest pastimes ever done in the name of fun.


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  •     I am a huge fan of these Bathroom Readers,having read most of them and reviewed many as well.I ab somewhat surprised that ,while this edition was first published in 2008,there remains to date no Reviews posted.Well,to be honest ,I almost didn't post one either ,but here oes. First of all,let me admit ,I am not a sports fan and follow little in the world of sports.I used to be a big Hockey fan ,particularly when I lived in Montreal.However;since the ridiculous expansion from 6 exceptionally good teams and players,to God only knows how many,and the Devil cares;I have lost all interest. As to how good this Edition is,;all I can say it that there are a lot of interesting facts about just about every sport imaginable,but there isn't very much about any sport in particular.If tou are the type of fan whose life revolves around "The Green Bay Packers","The Yankees","The Boston Celtics" or "The Habs" ;I doubt that this book will hold your interest for long.I skimmed over a lot of it,for the simple reason much of it didn't interest me.Whenever I came across what I felt was an interesting Baseball fact,I told my wife,a huge Baseball fan,but she was seldom impressed. So,who will really be impressed with this Edition;God only knows;and maybe that's why I am the first to post a reveiew....after 4 years.If reading Uncle John's Bathroom Readers was considered a Sport;I must be a Record Holder.

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