A Place Called Peculiar: Stories About Unusual American Place-Names

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Press: Dover Publications; Green ed. edition (May 17, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-5
Author Name:Gallant, Frank K.


From Smut Eye, Alabama, to Tie Siding, Wyoming, this pop-culture history offers a highly entertaining survey of America's most unusual place-names and their often-humorous origins. 
Frank K.
Gallant traveled the country—meeting locals, eating in their restaurants, staying at their hotels—and recorded the best of the stories and legends he encountered.
The only nationwide survey of its kind, this book features a state-by-state format for easy reference.
It's also an irresistible browsing book for aficionados of American history, language, and culture.


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  •     If you love Americana, you will read this book from cover to cover in one sitting. I am sorry if the word "fascinating" and "enthralling" are fatigued and tired. But so be it. The book is hypnotic.
  •     This book sounds extremely interesting and I am looking forward to reading it. I think other people would enjoy it too.
  •     This is a delightful book for auto traveling, bathroom reading, or just sharing with others the chuckles of human whimsey. Some of the place naming stories have an historical perspective and while I found this interesting I enjoyed the silly and peculiar stories the most. The more you read the curiouser it gets.
  •     This book is ok but I expected more content. With more research, I'm sure this book can be improved & expanded. I'm disappointed in the limited content.
  •     History, quirky fun facts, and naming inspiration abound. A very easy and enjoyable book that gives a sneak peek into the origins of unique US towns.
  •     This great paperback book is full of hillarious stories about silly named cities in our United States. The cover alone lets you know what you are in for: History Marker stating " While Bloody Battles Raged Throughout The Southern States--Nothing Happened Here----Peculiar. M.O.".We took this along with us on a summer family drive. I kept hearing, "Hun, look, we are SO close to Climax--Georgia that is" or "Mom, wooo, look! Double Trouble is only 500 miles away!" The personally researched stories which author Frank Gallant included, were passed around and read aloud. This was almost better than the alphabet game for passing those hours on a road trip.Notes on uncommon attractions, such as a UFO museum and , my gawd, the worlds largest landfill, only added to the fun. The illustrations are fine, yet not really needed.Oh, still looking for Nirvana? It's in Michigan along with Hell!A fun & educational book for all ages.Thank you for your unterest & comment votes--CDS

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