The Shadow, No. 4: The Murder Master and The Hydra

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Press:Nostalgia Ventures Inc Nostalgia Ventures; abridged edition edition (April 2005)
Author Name:Grant, Maxwell


Pulp fiction's legendary Knight of Darkness returns in two of his most engrossing adventures. 
In "The Murder Master", a sinister-toned criminal mastermind announces his impending murders over the radio airwaves -- including the murder of The Shadow! Then the real Lamont Cranston joins The Shadow as they battle "The Hydra", a criminal organization that replaces each fallen leader with two new "heads." How can The Shadow combat an enemy who grows stronger with each defeat? This instant classic also features the original pulp covers by George Rozen, interior illustrations by Edd Cartier and Paul Orban, the origin of The Shadow's "power to cloud men's minds" from the golden-age "Shadow Comics", and a photo feature on the famous radio series by broadcasting historian Anthony Tollin.


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  •     The book was in better shape than described. A nice surprise, and it arrived a day early. I'll look for more from Goodwill
  •     given as a christmas gift
  •     Walter B. Gibson writing the Shadow as Maxwell Grant. What's not to like?
  •     One of the stories in the great series of Walter B. Gibson's Shadow novels. A true pulp series, these tales were spun weekly via Street & Smith Publications, and now are available once again in book form.. I own many of these, ( there were 275 written) and can recommend any of them to others.Once again the Shadow gets involved as men of evil intent attempt to have their way, stopped only by the loyal agents of the Shadow, who follow their mysterious boss's instructions.
  •     This was a great book!In the first story, the Shadow, who was first an announcer on the radio before appearing in print, is pitted against a master criminal who has the nerve to announce his murders on the radio, for the entire city to hear! After a string of successful murders pulled under the noses of the police, the muder master announces his next victim will be The Shadow!In the second story, The Shadow, and the REAL Lamont Cranston team up against a gang who recruit two new members for every one cut off, just like the mythic Hydra! This story not only has Cranston and the Shaodw working together, but also has Margo Lane's first appearance in print! A long running member of the Shadow's team on the radio, she finally joined him on the printed page!My honest opnion of this book is that it is a great double-header, especially since it shows the Shadow is only human, just incredibly dedicated and disciplined. A wounded Shadow who keeps trying even when the odds are against him is SO much more impressive than a superhero who can't be hurt.And please ignore the review where the person reviews a CD collection. This ISBN is for the BOOK, not a CD collection of Old Time Radio shows.Get it, you'll love it!
  •     This was great!The 1st story involves a murderer who names the people to be killed via a radio broadcast a few minutes before he has them killed. The story really heats up when the Shadow is named as his next victim!The 2nd story involves the 'real' Lamont Cranston and the 1st Margo Lane appearence in print!There are also short articles about Margo Lane (why she was introduced, etc), the Shadows ability to 'cloud peoples minds' (and thus 'turn' invisable) and the 'real' Lamont Cranston (there were differences in the radio and print Shadow - the primary one being who the Shadow really was!).These are fun stories to read and are pretty short as they are only about 60 to 70 pages each (including illustrations!). They are not great literature but are of great historical value!I would rate these a 7.75 to 8.25 PLUS a bonus 0.5 point for their historical and fun value. Highly recommended for kids and those young at heart.
  •     I love the Shadow, these old novels are excellent, and I don't regret buying a single one! I'd tell you to buy them if you haven't already!
  •     Here are a couple really fun and incredibly quick reads by The Shadow creator, Walter B. Gibson. I bought it for The Hydra because I was told it gave some explanation of the first meeting between CRanston and Margo. It's alluded to but not portrayed. Still, the story was good and even contained more humor than the earlier books.This series is wonderful and I'm so glad Sanctum Books is making them available. The essays by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin are worth the price alone.

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