Bridge Technique 3: Safety Plays

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Press:Master Point Pr Master Point Press (January 1, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-1
Author Name:Bird, David/ Smith, Marc


Short and full of practical examples, each book in the 'Bridge Technique Series' takes the reader through the most important aspects of card-play technique at bridge. 
Where appropriate, play is examined from the point of view both of declarer and defenders.
Full of quizzes and chapter reviews, these award-winning books will also reinforce the bridge concepts you learn.
At this price, what bridge player could stand not to have all twelve?


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  •     This book is not a tutorial on safety plays, showing step-by-step procedures for handling them. Rather, it's a collection of hands that involve safety plays, and you have to figure out what the safety play is and how to work it. You do learn something out of the book, but you don't learn what you might think you're going to learn.
  •     The hands cover a selection of problems, from card combinations, to avoiding loss of trump control, over ruffing, and other problems.Its not focused only on "safety plays" like how to play A9xx opposite KJxx for one loser.Overall, I liked most of the problems, and some were devious! :-)I don't think I got good value for the money because there was lots of wasted space and pages, repeating the hand. The book could have contained 50 - 72 hands in the same space/size. If the price was $6 it would be more reasonable.Worth reading, if its in the Library.

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