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Press: Black Rose Books (November 10, 1999)


TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroductionChapter One - Teachers Today - Who Are They? : Community Erosion and Countervailing Forces : Examining the Medium for the Message : The Broad Picture : Common Themes : Confusion over Educational Goals : Market-Place Values Invading the ClassroomChapter Two - Media in Contemporary Capitalism : The Manufacture of Consent : Economic Trends Violent UnderpinningsChapter Three - The LaMarsh Commission Mandate : Appointment of the Commission : Methods and Scope of the LaMarsh Commission Research : The Final Report : The LaMarsh Commission's Research Analysis : Content : Formularization : The Key to Television Programming: Effects of Media Violence : The Interwoven Pattern Industry and Policy : The LaMarsh Commission Conclusions : The LaMarsh Commission Recommendations : A New System Legislation : Financial Incentives : Research, Education, and Public Awareness : The Role of ParentsChapter Four - Developments Since the LaMarsh Commission : The LaMarsh Centre Research on Pornography : New Initiatives Elsewhere : New Methodologies and Old Responses : Surveys and Polls : Psychiatric Approaches : Sociological and Other Related Approaches : The Concept of Ideological Child Abuse : Hegemony and the Mass Media : Cultural Studies Media Literacy: Courses in the Schools : AML LeadershipChapter Five - The Ascendancy of Pornography : Another Subject of Controversy : Fraser Committee Ignores Research Findings : Industry Orchestrated Opposition to New Legislation : More Federal Initiatives : Renewed Public Debate over Definitions : Impact of New Child Pornography Legislation : More Manifestations of the Problem : Exploiting the Threat of Censorship for ProfitChapter Six - Other Modest Gains : Legislation for the Protection of Children : Advertising Directed to Children : Landmark Court Precedents : Legal Trends in Other Jurisdictions : Converging ExploitationChapter Seven - Another Round of Public Protest : A New Code on Violence : The Canadian Broadcast Standards Classification of Films, Videos and Television Programming : The Bird Committee Report on Television Violence : Freedom with Responsibility: Can it Work? : News Med


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  •     This book is far more grounded and effective than more well known works that criticize modern mass media. The author takes a multidisciplinary approach to the subject and does a very impressive job, too! Of great usefulness within the book are the numerous references (government documents, web sites) where you can find more information on the many topics collected together here. In 200 pages, this book has a lot of information and explanatory prose. Due to its multidisciplinary nature, many lay readers may find parts of it tricky to understand, and perhaps the book's main flaw is that it takes its readers' academic background for granted sometimes and fails to completely explain all the terms it uses. Still, this packs in a lot of info into 200 pages. As for media violence, I'm convinced! If the book alone doesn't do it for you, feel free to check up on its reference sources. Besides that, numerous major U.S. health-related associations (psychology, medicine, pediatrics, and others) have now released official statements stating that after long decades of research into the subject of the effects of media violence, an effective consensus has now been reached about the reality of these effects. In this book, you can read an impressive sampling of the evidence, and the multidisciplinary theory on the subject. Drawbacks are that extra proofreading was needed, and this book acts more as a starting point to explore the body of existing research, rather than a final word. Activist intentions of the author also sometimes intrude a bit into its effectiveness as a survey.

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