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Press: HarperCollins (2002)
Author Name:Jude Fisher


Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Visual Commentary


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  •     Thin hard cover book that outlines the story using visuals directly from the movie stills.
  •     I have read The Two Towers. My wife has not. We both enjoyed this visual companion. I would recommend this book to explain things to someone who has not read the original book. Great pictures.
  •     This is a great book about the "Lord of the Rings" movie "The Two Towers" that one will enjoy reading over and over again.
  •     I'm an amateur artist and bought this book for some good reference pics--particulary of the actors--for doing some LOTR drawings. The problem is that the pics are rather small much of the time (a lot of fluffy text takes up much of the pages), and the shots usually aren't that interesting, anyway. There are few headshots of the main characters, and Gollum isn't featured at all, outside of the back of his head.Of course, you can find tons of beautiful LOTR images online, such as at the official movie site, but for drawing, I find it more convenient to have a photo reference on the table in front of me. If you're just a fan and don't care about creating portraits, I'd still recommend just looking around online. The photos in this book are surprisingly mediocre given the absolutely stunning source material.
  •     Marvelous book...A must have for every LOTR fan!!!!
  •     Received with thanks
  •     This made a very great gift for my sweetie who loves anything to do with Tolkien and of course, Lord of the Rings Movies!He adored this book and it made a great addition to his collection! :-)
  •     Perfect for LOTR fans, this book is packed with great photographs and engrossing text. Jude Fischer incorporates both Tolkien and Jackson.
  •     The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Visual Companion is the second in the series and features full-page, full color photos, drawings and illustrations from the upcoming movie...
  •     This book was easier for my kid to read than the novel. I read him the novel, but this he could read himself. He also liked pictures. He was 11 when I purchased this book.
  •     Great book, beautiful images and a very special foreword by Viggo Mortensen. In my opinion, satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!
  •     A great companion book to go along with our set of movies and hard cover Lord of the Rings items. Very well laid out and full of interesting information.
  •     This Visual Companion is really beautiful. I personally would have enjoyed more details in the text. But the photographs and drawings are great.
  •     The Two Towers Visual Companion is a beautifully done book that die hard Tolkien fans and those new to Tolkien's world will appreciate. Most of the oversize book is filled with gorgeous full color photographs to give you little teasers regarding the film, but also to help define the different races and introduce new characters. For those who are not as familiar with The Fellowship of the Ring, it gives you a little background on those events that spill over into The Two Towers and then moves forward with the story. This makes it a great book for those who are not very familiar with Tolkien's world as it clearly explains who everyone is as far as races and cultures go. There are sections on Gollum, The Dead Marshes, Ithilien, Faramir, Fangorn Forest, Ents, Saruman, Gandalf the White, The Rohirrim, and many more. I am a big Tolkien fan so it was all review for me, but Jude Fisher does a fine job of summarizing the story and preparing the reader for the film. My main interest in reading this book was to see where the book by Tolkien and the movie by Jackson differed and, in that respect, it was very helpful. At the cheap price available now, it is a worthy addition to any fantasy or Tolkien fan's library.

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