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Press:Soundelux Audio Pub Soundelux Audio Pub; Abridged edition (October 1990)
Publication Date:1990-10
Author Name:Douglas Adams


These cassettes contain both the "Primary Phase" and "Secondary Phase" of a Radio 4 humorous science-fiction series first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 between 1978 and 1980.


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  •     One of the best books of the past century, and easily one of my absolute favorites. Buy it immediately and plan to read it for a month straight, then reread it! Adams' humor and wit is perfectly channeled into an amazing series of stories, from the misadventures of Arthur Dent to the very creation of humanity - the HHGTTG is a book that will literally change the way you think about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.This is one of the best editions I've ever seen, too - very nicely bound and professional-looking with gilt pages and a bookmark, not to mention ALL the unannotated books from the main HHGTTG cannon! I bought this edition in 2006 and I'm still rereading it and lending it out to friends.
  •     it was cute reading.
  •     I love the books so much that I bought the audio version. (It's hard to knit and read simultaneously.) The first book is read by Stephen Fry, the other four are read by Martin Freeman. If you are familiar with the story, you'll love this. If you like comedic sci-fi, you'll love this. If you liked the books, radio plays, TV movie or movie adaptation, you'll love this.IT SHOULD BE NOTED that the books are largely unabridged. Three books in and I have found only one alteration. In "Life, the Universe, and Everything", the conversation about the award for "The Most Gratuitous Use of the Word 'Belgium' in a Serious Screenplay" has been altered and shortened. The scene is, therefore, less humorous. I miss it.
  •     A great read!
  •     Returning to old favorites is always a chancy thing. Reading Douglas Adams again, nearly 30 years on is hardly a disappointment but I think my idea of what makes for funny reading has changed a bit. Still, I will never regret picking up one of the books in this series and trundling through. It is like returning to your childhood home -- a bit smaller and the yard isn't nearly as massive as when you mowed it as a child.The school is a lot closer too, though it seemed to take hours to reach on foot, when those feet were so tiny. Still, so many good memories surround t all.I still carry a towel with me, where ever I go in the universe. My very first lesson from the "Hitchhiker's Guide."No, really. My first.I went to see Douglas Adams deliver a talk, shortly after the first book was published. Hadn't read it and didn't know who he was but the local public radio station made a big deal about his upcoming talk. Hundreds of kids whipped out towels and twirled them over their heads when Adams walked on stage. Had no idea at all what that was about. Learned quickly and loved his novels.
  •     The above line is my favorite in this hilarious story about the earth’s destruction and planetary outer space, whom controls whom, and who is really running the whole shebang.
  •     A must read :)
  •     One of my favorite books of all time, read by my favorite narrator of all time. Stephen Fry is the best audiobook reader that I've ever heard.
  •     fine.
  •     Pretty good sequel to the critically acclaimed first novel , still laughing out loud funny. Would recommend to anyone who enjoyed the first novel .
  •     I don’t often let high expectations get the best of me. For whatever reason though I found myself going into The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that contained five novels by Douglas Adams expecting to be very impressed. I’d heard people reference the series and had watched the movie adaptation of the first book and was rather curious about it.Now admittedly, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I thought it was going to be a science fiction adventure filled with humor. I was kind of right, but I felt that I also was wrong in my expectations at the same time.Let’s start with what I liked about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. The books are funny. I laughed out loud a number of times, particularly in the first three books. I felt his humor was very satirical and he lampoons a plethora of subjects. Sometimes it is very obvious what he is poking fun at, while at other times I wasn’t entirely sure.Another positive of the series is that Adam’s has a pretty interesting imagination. From aliens that demolish planets for hyperspace bypasses to concepts like bistromathics, and even the titular guide itself. These make interesting canvases for Adam’s humor and you never quite know what you’ll be coming across next.Now I think these two things are the strongest points of the series, but there are also a number of weaknesses. The first is that the plot is somewhat lacking. I mean there are goals that are put forth in the books, but they are often never resolved at least in any positive way. Typically there a lot of random twists and turns that leave you spinning after awhile. The humor involved in these often helps, but the strength of these books is in the humor not necessarily the plot.Second, I found the characters rather unlikable. Maybe they were supposed to be that way, but I really found it hard to relate to any of the characters in the book. Arthur was probably the one I was most able to relate to, but even then he wasn’t particularly likable. The other characters are either jerks or just fairly shallow and really don’t help connect you to the already weak plot.The next weakness is that the quality of the books are uneven. The first three books in the series are the best. I enjoyed the fourth one, but felt that it was much slower than the other books. The fifth well, it just felt like a mess and that Adams was really tired of the series and was trying to make everyone in the book as miserable as possible.I’d also say that while humor is a major strong point of the series, sometimes it feels as though it’s trying to lean on it too much. That everything feels like some setup for a sarcastic, satirical turn later. Maybe I just felt that way due to reading all five books back to back.Now, it may sound like I didn’t like the books. I did like them, just not as much as I thought I would going into them. I was expecting a bit more plot, but I felt that the series delivered on the type of humor I was expecting.So I was a bit disappointed by these books, but they were an interesting read and I’m glad I went through this series. Just be prepared for a threadbare plot, lots of randomness, and a good amount of sarcastic humor. If you’re expecting that, then maybe you’d be prepared for what you find, at least more prepared than I was.
  •     I had to read this book for a class, and unlike most school related readings I found it very captivating... I even found myself reading ahead of assigned readings.
  •     I would say that the title of my review sums up my feelings about Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, right?
  •     I recommend this book because its lighthearted and exemplifies good humor but also addresses some issues with present day in a science fiction manor.
  •     The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is one of the most famous pieces of science fiction in the English language. The story has been adapted into almost every medium, from radio to novels to tv to movies. And it's easy to see why it's so popular. This was one of the funniest books I've ever read.Guide is primarily about the adventures of Arthur, an ordinary average guy forced to leave earth and go on a journey through the cosmos. He is joined by Ford Prefect, a writer for the Guide, Trillian, an astrophycist from Earth, Zaphod Beeblebrox, the President of the Galaxy, and Marvin, an extremely depressed robot. Over the course of five books, they encounter a wide array of aliens, planets, and towels.The best element of these books is the humor. Adams is a master of satire, regularing stopping the plot to give a humorous take on everything he can think of. This book is almost impossible to put down it's so funny. The only downside is that he clearly had no idea where to go with the overall plot. After the second book, plots and characters would appear and disappear out of nowhere, and the ending fizzled out. That is the only reason I couldn't give this 5 stars.This is one of the best pieces of YA literature out there. Have fun.

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