Drop Dead Cute Postcard Book: 30 Postcards from the New Generation of Women Artists in Japan

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Press:Chronicle Books Chronicle Books (September 28, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-10-05
Author Name:Ivan Vartanian


This postcard collection features cutting-edge art from ten Japanese female artists. 
Postcard Book cover art 2003 Chinatsu Ban/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.
All Rights Reserved.
Coutesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery.


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  •     Many of the postcards in this collection are very cute with a variety of art styles and seem to share a common theme of girls growing up, with some cards combining cute innocence with erotic sexuality and others depicting lush flowers or animals. Overall a very nice set of contemporary artsy postcards. :)The postcards are thick and sturdy and are bound to the spine with glue, producing a very clean, straight look when taken out.
  •     I agree w/ the two reviewers above me, the title is misleading.The artworks are definitely a bit out there, to say the least, and some of them are quite perverted and sexual in a cutsy Japanese animation kinda way, therefore definitely not appropriate for children.But if you're looking for something that's creative, edgy and unexpected, then maybe give it a try.
  •     I bought these cards to send and there are very few that I would not be embarrassed to send out. The very first card has a cartoon painting of two little girls with their hands down their underwear playing with themselves. Most of the other cards have naked women on them or animals wearing underwear. Not what I would of chosen to spend money on had they posted more images of the included cards. There are no "cute" cards in the entire set.
  •     I have to agree with the reviewer above. Not all the cards are cute. Only several are, the rest are not cute at all. The title is misleading people, as in my humble opinion, the word "drop dead cute" should be cut off. Maybe a "collection of japanese women artists' works" is more appropriate.
  •     I guess a few of these cards were okay, but for the most part they were kind of strange and not at all "drop dead cute". I chose them because I could get them for pretty cheap, but I wish I would have just spent a few extra dollars and gotten the "OMG! I miss you!" postcards, or the "Paintings of Japan" ones. However, if you're looking for something that's a little more out there and maybe even a bit twisted at times, these would be a good bet.
  •     Wouldn't call most of the images Drop Dead Cute, but I'm glad to have it. Tearing each postcard out is quite labor intensive though. Maybe they're meant to be admired as a collection instead of being sent. The seller was stellar.

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