Top Secret Area 51: The Truth Is in Here!

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Press:Andrews McMeel Pub Andrews McMeel Publishing (May 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-5
Author Name:Ariel Books


The theories and possibilities are endless about Area 51, the legendary and mysterious site in the New Mexico desert. 
This out-of-this-world kit reveals more than a few secrets about flying saucers, government conspiracies, and little green visitors.
And the accompanying glow-in-the dark aliens, pop-up 3-D Area 51 environment, and booklet make this wacky kit a scream!


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  •     I bought this as a gift for family member and he loved it. He is a big ancient alien fan.
  •     This is a really cute set, especially for Area 51 buffs. Features a lot of little things to play with and an informational booklet.

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