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Press:Diamond Comic Distributors Studio Foglio (November 13, 2007)
Author Name:Not Available (NA)


Myth Adventures is the graphic adaptation of Robert Asprin's comedic novel Another Fine Myth. 
It chronicles the adventures of Skeeve, a hapless apprentice magician, and his demonic teacher, Aahz, who has been stripped of his powers, as they battle with an insane wizard who is determined to drain the world of magic.
Long out of print, this fantasy classic is fondly remembered by and greatly sought after by a wide audience of comics fans, gamers and fantasy readers.
It was also the first professional comics work by both Phil Foglio and his inker, Tim Sale.
Also available in a hardcover edition (ISBN-13: 978-1-8908-5643-4).


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  •     This was great addition to my collection. I have been reading the Myth Adventures of Aahz and Skeeve for years. This was a welcome compliation of the illustrated version of the first novel. There was some departure from the original novel that I didn't even know about because I never was able to read the original separate comics. However, I give my wholehearted endorsement of this book.
  •     This is an amusing tale of madcap misadventures that made me laugh out loud on numerous occasion. Definitely worth buying, will certainly reread many times.
  •     Awesome book, some great humor not found in the original book.
  •     The first installment of Robert Asprin's inspired and beloved Myth Adventures series is brought to life in color herein by the talented Phil Foglio. Foglio is best known for his comedic illustrative style, as showcased in the series authored by him and his wife, Kaja Foglio,Girl Genius, Vol. 1: Agatha Heterodyne and The Beetleburg Clankand his older "Fun With Phil and Dixie." This style is a perfect pairing with Asprin's humorous story! Pay no attention to the Myth Adventure's series billing as for reading level "ages 9-12." This is a book series and this in particular is a comic book that will be enjoyed by all ages.Skeve is an apprentice magician whose mentor Garkin is murdered by hired professionals for a reason unknown to Skeeve. He ends up traveling with and being trained by a 'demon' (dimensional traveler) magician named Aahz, and old friend of Garkin's. The two set out to hunt down a rogue magician who has evil plans afoot, while dodging the assassins who took the Garkin's life. In the process, they find trouble and hilarity at every turn. Skeeve accidentally acquires a useless dragon, Gleep. Aahz proves to be an expert at gaming dupes along the way, at one point selling a cheap sword set with fake gems as a magic "demon killing" sword. You know, those gems just *look* fake to hide the sword's true value...Others have noted that this version differs slightly for the novel's text. This is not a problem. Novels usually require some tweaking to transfer well to another medium. Foglio adds a large number of his trademark background gags to these illustrations. One example is when Aahz tells Skeeve about tricks he and Garkin pulled on each other in past times. He doesn't describe the tricks, but illustrations show the fearsome Aahz in a tutu and he and Garkin in other embarrassing situations, like being magically "summoned" while in the tub!Some of the added gags are in-jokes or comics related bits, like the brief appearance of Elfquest charactersElfquest, Book 1, Foglio's Phil and Dixie dragon, and a golden trilobite necklace worn by a minor character. There bits do NOT detract from Asprin's story in the least; on the contrary, they are an added dimension to the natural humor of the plot. So not only will you be reading a hilarious text, but will also enjoy studying each page for the many fun details thrown in!This book is HIGHLY recommended for Asprin fans, Foglio fanatics, and anyone else looking for a great laugh!Please also note that some other original Phil Foglio illustrations are included in the omnibus Myth Adventures collectionsRobert Asprin's Myth Adventures Volume 1andRobert Asprin's Myth Adventures Volume 2 (v. 2).I am fortuate enough to own a large, original pencil of Skeeve from one of these volumes.
  •     This is a re-release of the comics and graphic novels from 20 + years ago. Mine were destroyed 20 years ago so I am glad to have them again. While this graphic novel does not follow the Another Fine Myth book perfectly, it is still well written and illustrated. The humor is great, and though Foglio's art has improved in 20 years, it is still hilariously illustrated.If you are a fan of Robert Asprin, or Phil Foglio, you will not be disappointed. My only wish is that Phil would convert more of the Myth series to graphic novels.
  •     Love all of the work I've seen by the Foglios. The item arrived later than expected but in time to be a present.Item: 5Timeliness: 3
  •     Thank the gods that Aspirin and Foglio worked together at least once in this lifetime. This is a compiled softcover version of the Myth Adventures series that was published by WaRP Graphics in the 1980s and that appeared in a two-volume TSB graphic novel set around the same time. This edition also includes as bonus material all the WaRP Graphics and TSB covers and some amusing artist's notes by Foglio.The story itself is a wild ride and fabulously rendered. Foglio's transferral of the Myth Adventures novels to the graphic novel medium is nothing short of genius. The man has an immaculate sense of timing when it comes to visual humor, and he makes the most of Aspirin's uncanny wit without sacrificing the plot or credibility of the story.Bearing in mind that the artwork is a major element of the graphic novel, the quality of the printing can really enhance the reader's experience. This edition definitely doesn't. This printing is inferior to the TSB color editions from the eighties in just about every way and allows Foglio's renderings to shine to only about half their full glory. It's hard to believe anyone willingly paid USD 39.95 for it back in 2007. I put out much less, bought the book second-hand, and still feel rather as though I've been had. And I'd never invest in a hard-cover version of this quality.HAVING SAID ALL THAT, however, unless you happen to get your hands on the TSB editions, then do purchase a copy of this edition. You will enjoy it. Just get it second-hand.
  •     I'm a huge "Myth Book" fan. I remember the comic being sort of silly but when I saw they collected the first series into one book I had to pick it up. In rereading I was surprised that there was no silliness like them going to a comic book show - that must have been the sequel series. Rather this is just a great adaptation of Robert Asprin's first book Another Fine Myth. Phil Foglio does an amazing job here especially with his great artwork. That artwork is not synonymous with the series of course but it is still great nonetheless. If you dig the Myth series pick this collection up - you'll be quite happy.

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