Would You Rather...? 2: Electric Boogaloo: Over 300 More Absolutely Absurd Dilemmas to Ponder

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Press:Transition Vendor Seven Footer Press; 2nd edition (June 9, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-6
Author Name:Heimberg, Justin/ Gomberg, David


From the authors of the blockbuster hit Would You Rather…? comes another collection of over 300 absurd alternatives and deranged dilemmas. 
Filled with wacky wit, irreverent humor, and twisted pop culture references, Would You Rather 2: Electric Boogaloo asks you to ponder questions such as: Would you rather .
be a siamese twin connected at the lips or at the soles of your feet? Would you rather .
have your hostage negotiator be Ozzy Osbourne or Jessica Simpson? Would you rather .
have your cellphone ring function set on "Taser" or "Airhorn"?


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  •     While it's not as hysterically funny as the first book, it's still quite amusing. They didn't use ALL their good ideas in the first one; they did save some for this sequel. But if you're only going to buy one, make it the original.This book and its predecessor are great party material. Leave the book out on the table and wait for the fun to begin.
  •     I hope that this upcoming work includes a further tribute to the great Duke cell biology student Phil Bautista. Not only did he have a lightning-quick, left-hand-dominant game on the basketball court, but he was remarkably adept with a quitar and with song lyrics featuring Sethi and Lin. I feel that Heimberg and Gomberg are up to the challenge of this sequel; Gomberg is like Maggette.
  •     Very creative and funny book. It makes you wonder what this guy does all day. You will laugh out loud at the hilarious yet ridiculous scenarios presented by the author. If you like silly humor, buy this. The best material I have ever seen in this genre is on ... Check it out!Again, a good book to read with friends, at parties, in groups, etc.
  •     Now I'm not much or a fan of humor or "comedy." However, somebody slipped this book into my chambers and I couldn't help but read it. I must say, I couldn't put it down. I didn't cry, though.
  •     My grandson said "Would you rather 2" is not for Gomberg's rabbi or for grandmas. Eric you're wrong; I read it and wept. I laughed til I cried. These dilemnas are deranged and so are the authors.Don't tell my grandson, but I just laughed through the first "Would you rather". Wickedly funny and witty, but number "2" is even more hilarious.Boys, I can't wait for your next book.

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