UFO Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee

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Press: iUniverse; 1St Edition edition (October 15, 2002)
Publication Date:2002-10
Author Name:Fowler, Raymond
Edition:1St Edition Edition


This book entails the life of one who has not only become internationally respected as a UFO investigator and author but now as a so-called UFO abductee. 
It is strikingly different from other works dealing with UFO abductions in that it will provide an overview of the complete life of an abductee from early childhood to sunset years of his life.
The exciting descriptions of UFO sightings, investigations and documentation would be worthy of a book themselves.
The Chief Scientific Consultant for the USAF UFO Project Bluebook, Astronomer Dr.
Hynek is on record as stating: "Raymond Fowler whose meticulous and detailed investigations far exceed the investigations of Bluebook." However, this book is about much more than investigating UFO sightings.
Throughout the warp and weft of the author's UFO and paranormal experiences is the slow but sure realization that he has been investigated since childhood by the very phenomenon he was investigating!


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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     A wonderful book. Ray Fowler done urology a great service by relationship by relating his UFO and courageously telling of his abduction experiences. I only wish his wife had been more supportive. I am sad that he promised her that this would be his last book. Come on, Margaret, get with program, and accept that husband has a gift that that needs to shared.
  •     Interesting, but did not really get into his abduction!
  •     In the era of the 'contactees', when UFO abductions were rarely recognised, reported or generally known, Raymond Fowler started out as a meticulous UFO researcher of the 'nuts and bolts' genre.He went on to give me, and all those interested in such subjects, two of the most comprehensively investigated, astonishing, exciting, multiple witness UFO abduction cases ever presented--the wonderful, high strangeness Andreasson Affair and Allagash Incident cases! The only downside to those is that (unlike Testament) they have sadly not been made available as Kindle editions.Interestingly, it turns out that here is another truly great researcher (like Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Karla Turner, Kathleen Marden--and perhaps even you or I) whose motivating force in investigation, his intense research interest, was partly driven by being an unrecognized experiencer himself and was even possibly directed by the beings themselves in order, so they say: "To do something important for mankind"...
  •     I do respect Raymond Fowler and his books, but like his last, this one has too much material from his earlier writings, too much rehashed speculation, and not much in the way of new. A few more details on his personal life and odd happenings which he experienced, but otherwise one doesn't encounter any new events of importance or new interpretations of what it all means.Thank goodness he didn't go into too much detail on the bizarre weirdness of Betty Andreasson and her alleged experiences. That was tiresome enough in his earlier works - and I do believe that her and her husband's statements are part of a scam that took him in. Fowler does give some details on the inner doings of some of his fellow researchers - including angry turmoil, a bit of greed, and the outplaying of egos grown too fast.I guess on the above basis I should recommend this book, but also if one has read his earlier works and intends to get through them all.
  •     This is Ray Fowler at his most personal and fearless. Having read most of his other books (which I also would recommend, but haven't taken the time to do personal reviews on),...
  •     "UFO Testament" by Raymond Fowler is an excellent book on the UFO phenomena. Mr Fowler is a well reputed UFO investigator with the highest of credentials. He approached each case as a skeptic and had no problem denouncing many reports. He also has investigated some very compelling cases involving top notch witnesses, that elude explanation and eventually uncovered his own history of strange experiences, paranormal activity and abductions. This book is a sound memoirs of his scientific approach and many investigations that led to these startling revelations. I highly recommend this book to anybody interested in the world of the unexplainable.
  •     Ray Fowler seems like the type of man I'd feel very comfortable sitting down to dinner with; even more comfortable than even Whitley Strieber, of whom I am a huge fan.
  •     Maybe the print book is better but the Kindle version has awful editing. It's as if no one read this book before publishing it.
  •     Raymond's classic book are very great and this one did not quite match up, though still a good read. It spent a lot of time reviewing the early days and the cases he covered. I was very impressed with his dedication and thoroughness. The book then began to talk about his slowly realizing that the phenomena involved him personally and had since childhood. This was very interesting and I think most researchers should reflect on their life and why they have this obsession to understand this phenomena. For those who have read his other books, the initial parts really add confidence in the validity of his earlier work.He then descends into including a person diary, which is perhaps a good idea for people who suspect unusual occurrences in their life, but is not really book material. He makes a note of whenever he woke up with the clock reading all the same digits, like 2:22 or 5:55. While synchronicity is a huge part of understanding our life and he points out incidents throughout the book, many of them affecting his career, I am not sure that every synchronistic event has global interest and needs to be published. Finally he claims to have an implant, but his wife does not want him to have it removed or analyzed, but yet here he is publicly writing about it: this does not come across as a valid research result set of data. In conclusion, I liked reading about him and his life, but as someone who wants new insight I could not give it the five star - I love it - rating.

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