Those Obnoxious Americans: Why We Are The Way We Are

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 5, 2011)
Author Name:James, Gary Michael


A humorous reference to Americans and why they tend to be so obnoxious. 
Whether travelling around the world or driving in their own country, Americans probably don't even realize what they do on a daily basis.
This reference looks at what Americans can be like and why.


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  •     As short as a Kindle Single, this is tagged as reference and fun facts on the product page, but it is probably not either. This is more of a social sciences informal study into us, the U.S. population. While reading it, the awareness and knowledge we all have about at least some of our collective American quirks and habits bubbles up. We've probably all thought it, heard it, observed it, or read it without perhaps being aware; no one wants to be lumped into the sterotype of obnoxious Americans. That said, the reader cannot help but relate and nod in agreement to many of these short blurbs. I found myself smirking and seeing in print some of the things I have only thought about. Fun read.

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