The Self-Improvement of Chess

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Press: (October 14, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-10
Author Name:Borders, Mr. Mark


"The Self-Improvement of Chess -- Why the Game's Basics Apply to Daily Living" is a journey into how the world's ultimate brain game is a perfect model for constructing and organizing your everyday life -- from a person who is just an average, recreational player. 
There are few diagrams and notations to bog down the casual reader.
Rather, it is a collection of insights and stories that illustrate a practical perspective of the game.
It covers how even just the basic rules and fundamentals of chess can be applied to situations that arise in daily living.


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  •     The Self-Improvement of ChessMark Borders is a down-to-earth guy with a great sense of humor and a strong moral compass. He has written a book that will, at times, choke you up; other times have you laughing out loud; and at other times awe you with information and history in a way that leaves you wanting more. He imparts his real-life, practical wisdom in a laid-back, conversational manner that keeps you turning page after page. You feel you are listening to a great storyteller, rather than reading a book. He may not be a grandmaster, but he has a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of chess--and then some. His insight into life and human nature is equally vast. He teaches chess in his book, but not in the way you find in any other chess book. Want your chess pieces to come alive on the board? THAT'S what he does--he brings the game and the pieces to life--and you will see the game of chess, people, and your life in a whole new light. Through chess, he teaches you how to see the bigger picture in social and political realms and other environments. He doesn't preach religion or politics; he doesn't preach anything at all -- except chess, as a tool and a guide to living the best life you possibly can.

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