Gross America: Your Coast-to-Coast Guide to All Things Gross

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Press: TarcherPerigee (October 11, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-10
Author Name:Faulk, Richard


Part "Weird U.S." and part "Roadside America," GROSS AMERICA offers families a road trip through the USA that would delight the King of Bad Taste John Waters and the unflappable guys on MTV's "Jackass."Sure, you could use your vacation days to take the family to the beach again. 
Or, you could plan a trip to see brains in jars, frozen dead guys, and visit a factory that makes candy-coated insects.  You can: head down to Houston, Texas, and walk inside a 27-foot model of the human intestinal system visit a Civil War battlefield embalming diorama head over to explorers Lewis & Clark's latrines look at the world's largest fungus visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City touch the oldest human turd recoil from a massive human hairball that grew for seven years before it was surgically removed from the stomach of a 12-year-old girl who suffered from compulsive hair nibbling see the corroded mandible of a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the nation's largest natural history museum in Chicago visit the first funeral home to offer flameless cremation services make a pilgrimage to Chicago to visit America's last remaining plastic vomit factory journey to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to see a dog poop–fueled streetlamp travel to Nederland, Colorado, for “Frozen Dead Guy Days,” an annual celebration of at-home cryogenics experiments spend some time among the preserved human brains at Philadelphia's Mutter Museum take in the acclaimed cockroach dioramas of Plano, TexasGross America is a coast-to-coast catalog of the most grandly gross science experiments, beautifully bizarre art, and delightfully disgusting historical sites that America has to offer.
Part travel atlas, part trivia guide, Gross America presents these United States as you've never seen them before—weird, wonderful, strange, and totally, utterly gross.


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  •     Gave it as a gift and he left it behind, When I called him to offer to send it to him, he stated "Don't bother"
  •     I've always been a fan of the weird and strange vacation attractions are interesting to me. The book is organized by regions of the U.S. and gives you the lowdown on some strange places to visit in the states. I've only been to one of these gross places and heard of a few others, so there is a fountain of gross knowledge in this book.This isn't simply a listing of sites to visit. Each gross place tells you about what you will see there and the history behind it. An extensive history is available on the places that justify it. I can see this being a great read for kids during road trips, but parents beware - some of these places are truly gross - and the kids may ask for a detour to see them in person!!!ARC reviewed by Jessica for Book Sake.Book Received: For free from publisher in exchange for an honest review
  •     This book is quite entertaining, but, as the title indicates, Gross America is pretty disgusting. Richard Faulk has taken the time to examine all things gross, icky, and quirky across America. With over half of the states represented here, and lots of details, Gross America is a unique look at American culture.There are some yucky features, such as the Hair Museum of Missouri,the Corpse Flower which smells as bad as it sounds, the world's largest fungus in Oregon, and the fake vomit manufactured in Chicago. There are also some interesting highlights that aren't necessarily gross, but just odd. For example, the Albino Redwoods of California, candy coated insects, and Hawaii's Kalaupapa leprosy settlement. Normally I get easily grossed out, but for the most part, this was an engaging and interesting read highlighting spots across the country that I had never heard of.Overall, this book was really interesting. At times it was a bit more scatological than I was really prepared for, but an average high school boy would love this, so I am excited to bring it to my classroom. There are a few pictures, and the book is well organized and easy to read, but at times, the concepts are a bit mature and as a result, this isn't really suited to young children.

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