Clara's Clever Custard

Press: Five Valleys Publishing (June 27, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-6
Author Name:Barnes, John L. C.


When Clara Jones is given the task of inventing something for her school science project, she decides to try and make the perfect custard. 
After a miraculous accident Clara ends up with more than she bargained for, and so begins a whirlwind series of events involving fame, adventure and devious master criminals.
And then there were the Pashonga...

From the Author

There are very definite influences from my own life and travels that made their way into this story. 
Believe it or not (and anyone who has eaten school dinners in the UK most certainly will) the horrid custard descriptions and shouts of "extra extra extra extra large please" are echoes from the past in the real world.
Clara's experiences with the Pashonga are also modelled on some of my own, and I hope the book will amuse and inspire in equal measure.

About the Author

John L C Barnes was born in Kent, the 'Garden of England' and has been a writer and poet pretty much since he could hold a pen. 
Often found wandering the hills and valleys of his beloved Cotswolds, he also likes Italian food and chocolate (not necessarily on the same plate).
Although the reflection in the mirror seems older and increasingly saggy by the day, he is still very much a young person at heart and pours this love and energy into his stories for children.


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