Know When to Hold 'Em - A User's Guide to Texas Hold 'Em Poker

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Press: (March 21, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-3
Author Name:Idema, Jim,


Were it not for the champion poker players of the world showing us how great they are, there would be no room for a how-to book for "the rest of us." Fortunately, "Know When to Hold 'Em - A User's Guide to Texas Hold 'Em Poker" fits that bill very nicely.


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  •     Jim Idema's book won't make you a professional poker player. That takes lots of time, money and only for those willing to lose their time, money, wife, house, etc. No, but this book will help you become a moderately successful player, able to beat your local friends most of the time (so don't tell them about the book if you're going to play them).I'm not a gambler, but am fascinated by watching poker on TV. I wish I had read this before spending all those hours watching the pros. It would have helped me understand why they do what they do and sometimes tell when players are bluffing. More than anything else, it explains the basics of Texas Hold-em poker and will quickly improve your game.I didn't realize their were so many facets to this game. I'm glad I'm not a gambler, but if I ever did, I would refer back to this book first.Well done Jim. You may have upset the balance in the local Friday night poker games around the country.Jerry Guarinoauthor of Trilogies

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