Across the Plains

Press: BCR (Bibliographical Center for Research) (March 19, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-3
Author Name:Stevenson, Robert Louis


The History of the American West Collection is a unique project that provides opportunities for researchers and new readers to easily access and explore works which have previously only been available on library shelves. 
The Collection brings to life pre-1923 titles focusing on a wide range of topics and experiences in US Western history.
From the initial westward migration, to exploration and development of the American West to daily life in the West and intimate pictures of the people who inhabited it, this collection offers American West enthusiasts a new glimpse at some forgotten treasures of American culture.
Encompassing genres such as poetry, fiction, nonfiction, tourist guides, biographies and drama, this collection provides a new window to the legend and realities of the American West.

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About the Author

Robert Louis Stevenson was intended by his father to be an engineer, trained as a lawyer, and became a writer of stories of high adventure. 
They were devalued by the modernists but have come to be taken much more seriously by critics in recent years.
Stevenson had poor health his whole life, but he still lived a live of adventure, spending many of his last years at sea in the South Pacific.
He died at 44 and was buried on the Samoan island of Upolu.

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