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Press: Insight Editions; Mti edition (October 15, 2013)
Author Name:Dessertine, Rebecca; Reed, David;


Whether the reader is new to the Supernatural family or has been with them since the beginning, they’re in for a wild and surprising ride with The Roads Not Taken. 
For the first time ever, you can make decisions alongside Sam and Dean Winchester in their quest to battle monsters, demons, and every Big Bad lurking in the darkest recesses of America’s small towns.
Jump headfirst into your very own adventure and pick your cover story: will you be an FBI agent, reporter, or bikini inspector? Figure out which lead to follow.
Decide whether to split up or stay together.
Do you call Bobby Singer for help? And remember, the clock is ticking! If you make the wrong decision, another victim could meet a dark and gory death.
Demons, spirits, and ghouls lurk around every corner, waiting to get the drop on Sam and Dean—and only by following all the clues, interviewing the right suspects, and making the right choices can you lead them to victory.
This heart-pounding collection contains a series of four original stories, each with branching storylines and multiple endings, all based on the choices the reader makes.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Okay this is like a fun game that let's you be the hunter. In some ways the twists and choices are predictable but in others it's easy to get fooled. It does however follow a good plot line though. I highly recommend this book to any Supernatural fan.
  •     Love the book I have read it five times now. I loved how fast it got to me as well it showed up two days early thank u
  •     This is a really good book. It is perfect for any reader or a Supernatural fan. The cover has a lot of details and is colorful. Very fast shipping
  •     I loved the control I had while reading this book. I really got into this book and loved every moment!
  •     The first time I read thid book I cried because I killed Sam and Dean. But after I calmed down, it was a VERY entertaining book, I recommend it to anyone, even super emotional people like me lol
  •     Great book,you the reader plays detective,does Sam and Dean live or die?
  •     First time I've ever read a book where you could chose the ending. It was interesting.
  •     I loved every moment of this book. It made me feel as if I was hunting with the boys. I got threw the whole book in 1 day I read every ending possible and when I got to the good ending turned around and read it all one more time
  •     I LOVE Supernatural'n
  •     I love supernatural and I've got all kinds of their book this is one of the best you can go on the hunt with the winchester
  •     I liked the new "Supernatural" book"The Roads Not Taken" in that it was closer to a fanfic approach versus the other TV tie-in books that have come out based in the "Supernatural" universe. Although, not a new idea to offer readers the 'decide the fate' of characters choice, it was interesting in this book. I'm happy to say all of my choices never killed the Winchesters. Of course, I would go back and read the opposite choice to see what happened. The overall book was okay, I'm wasn't in love with it but again it got a little closer to a fanfic feel in the sense the brothers were a little more of the Sam and Dean of the show, but there were still short comings. It's an interesting read and will probably find a spot on most of the SPN fandom's bookshelves. It just won't be one of those books you will pick up to read again very soon after you've finished.
  •     I finally found books like I wanted.
  •     I really liked that this book had different endings and you could make your own path to follow in the story.
  •     So excited to read a find your own fate book again. Haven't seen them for 25 years
  •     The author did a pretty good job of getting inside of Sam and Deans' head in a way that related to the show. It was a great alternative to watching the show. I read this book while I was camping so I didn't have access to wifi to watch the show. It was a very interesting take on the choose your own fate genre. I loved the twist ending! I hope I can find more supernatural books like this. I would not mind reading it again!

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