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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 19, 2011)
Author Name:Allen, Douglas


'James Dean: Words and Images' by Doug Allen presents a new approach to the iconic symbol of restless youth. 
Poetic text and painted image interract to create an emotional perspective of a man who left us tragically soon yet whose aura remained and grew into a cultural force we witness to the present day.


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  •     I have read several bios of James Dean over the span of about 25 years. I feel I know as much as one might reasonably learn about one of the most fascinating and talented actors of his or any generation. This new effort by Mr. Allen is not a biography per say, but comes at the reader with a kind of poetic sentimentality about the subject. His illustrations are well rendered and accompanied by the poems create separate moods on each page. There is a sense of sadness in some of them where the author plainly is lamenting the loss of Dean and the frustration always present at the fact of not being able to complete his great promise which seemed assured at the time he died. Others are more fast paced and touch on his love of racing or the way he enjoyed life. Some of the poems and paintings convey a brooding nature that he occasionaly displayed. The book is not long by normal standards, and perhaps the author could develop a sequel sometime. I found it a refreshing addition to the pantheon of works on Dean. I would emphasize the author plainly has a deep and abiding affection for James Dean's memory and legacy, and seems even a bit haunted by the questions he poses of what might have been, (had he only lived on). The poems are personal and heartfelt and do get at the theme effectively in my opinion. They vary in length, some being full paragraphs while others are only a few lines yet all strike true and interact well with the illustrations. Mr. Allen projects a sensitive insight and a personal sense of caring.
  •     Cover is okay....pictures look like characters, author did not capture the realism of James Dean.
  •     This book is creative and interesting. The artist/author captured the essence of Dean and the era. The fun facts and poetry are beautifully written. If you are a member of James Dean's fan club, and even if you are not, this book is for you. I am looking forward to future work from this author.
  •     Loved this book. When I saw the author's drawing of James Dean on the cover, I knew I had to add this book to mylibrary collection. When I received it, I was delightfully surprised at how well the words were written. One does not have to be a James Dean fan to appreciate the warm and flowing thoughts of this author. The author was able to express the personality of James Dean though the words and images. It is a delightful book to read many timesover. Can't wait to see what this author will be publishing next.
  •     mediocore at best
  •     This book has the best drawings! It is so well written. Being a big fan of James Dean, I have read every book out there and this book is so refreshing. It has a unique perspective. Highly recommended for everyone-especially James Dean fans. It's a MUST for your James Dean collection.
  •     I ordered this book to add to my collection of James Dean books and immediately returned it. The art work is a collection of poorly rendered imitations of iconic James Dean photographs and should be credited as "after _____" (which ever photographer was plagiarized). The text was mostly drivel--sentimental doggerel but not nearly as offensive as the art.Bottom line however, the various photographers (or their estates) should demand this book be pulled from circulation for copyright violations. This book is an example of the kind of garbage that will ultimately pollute the book market as a result of the ease of self publishing!

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