Litanies and Novenas for your Salvation

Press: (December 7, 2012)
Author Name:Flavius, Susanna Magdalene


5% Of Proceeds From The Author Of This Book Goes To Charity Of. 
Society Of The Little Flower- Me20 7Wb.
England, United Kingdom.
.Miraculous 54 Days Rosary Novena Church history reveals to us that on March 3, 1884, Our Lady of Pompeii appeared before the gravely ill daughter of an Italian military officer.
Through her, Our Lady gave the world the miraculous devotion of the 54 days Rosary Novena.
This book gives you the Litanies and Novenas that will change your life, and give you Miracles and Graces no matter what your situation.
Don't take it from me see for yourself! The Miracles are endless!


Religion & Spirituality

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