The Psychology of Joss Whedon: An Unauthorized Exploration of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly (Psychology of Popular Culture)

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Press:Smart Pop Smart Pop (November 10, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-11-10
Author Name:Davidson, Joy 编


First there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer; then its spin-off Angel; then the cult hit Firefly; and its follow-up film, Serenity. 
They all had two things in common: their creator, Joss Whedon .
and their surprising psychological depth.Revisit the worlds of Joss Whedon … with trained psychologists at your side.
What are the psychological effects of constantly fighting for your life? Why is neuroscience the Whedonverse’s most terrifying villain? How can watching Joss’s shows help you take on your own psychological issues?


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  •     If you're not a psychology student/ scholar this is the book for you. It's interesting, informative and explains, in easy to understand words, the psychological terms it employs. So even if you've never taken a psych class you can still enjoy the book, and probably even learn a few things about your own psyche in the process.Like the other reviewer said, I've seen essays referring to all seasons of Buffy and Angel, and every episode of Firefly. So it's definitely better if you have seen every episode before reading the book, just so it doesn't ruin watching the show for you.
  •     then this is a must have. this was the first book I got relating to buffy. I just love it. the price is right and its so filled with different facts and joss whedon, so if you are a fan of eiter buffy or whedon then you gotta get this
  •     I usually love these sorts of studies of pop culture through scientific lenses. There's always a fine balance between a book that's too academic and one that's engrossed in its own fandom. Unfortunately, I think this book falls on the latter end of the scale. I like what the authors of this book were trying to do, but the final result is a bit superficial. Part of the problem is length. The essays are too short for the authors to go into any depth. In fact, some of the essays felt more like blog articles than substantive pieces of scholarship.Another problem is that this book came out before Dollhouse. I know that's not the book's fault, but because that show was so concerned with neuroscience and psychology I can't help but think that this book has already become obsolete.
  •     It was fun, I wish it had inclueded Dollhouse, which wasn't out at the time it was written. Not quite as in-depth as The Psychology of Dexter, but great fun to read nonetheless.
  •     I did not personally read this, however from the secret Santa recipient, they loved it. Joss Whedon was what they were all about.
  •     Not gonna lie, I'm a Joss Whedon fangirl. I think he's a genius. On his worst day, his work is just fantastic as opposed to mindblowing. When The Psychology of Joss Whedon came across my radar, I was incredibly excited to read it. I have a large interest in psychology and the idea of delving into Joss's mind on that level, seeing what makes him tick, makes me more than a little giddy.First, a warning: Do not read this book if you haven't watched Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity. Spoilers galore. If you haven't seen Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible, get on that immediately, but don't worry about this book spoiling them as it was written before they came about.As I mentioned above, I enjoy psychology. I've been known to read psychology textbooks for fun. And even I found the scientific details and explanations to be a bit too much in The Psychology of Joss Whedon. As a means to explore how Whedon creates creates characters, the information is interesting. Unfortunately, a number of essayists delved into way too much science and neglected to relate it to Joss or his characters in an entertaining way.I'm a strong believer in educating someone by using their interests as examples. I think it helps a person process and retain information when it is presented in a context they are already familiar with. The Psychology of Joss Whedon does well here. Specific scenes fans know and love broken down by psychological analysis will help fans understand complicated psychology concepts while giving them a deeper appreciation of the series, characters and Joss himself.The Psychology of Joss Whedon doles out a lot of great information, but it could have been a little lighter. Some essays were written with the intended audience in mind, while others are clearly more clinical in nature. Psychology of pop culture figures should be a little more fun than this and the seriousness of certain essays will definitely turn off readers who usually get their psychology from Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew.
  •     Disclaimer: I am/was not a huge fan of Joss Whedon. However...I read this because I read the equivalent book(s) for LOTR, Harry Potter, etc, and I'm a huge TV and pop...
  •     This book goes into the psychology of Joss Whedon's TV shows (buffy, firefly/serenity, not much dollhouse), but tends to cover the same ground several times; this falls at the...
  •     If you are into the wonderful works of Joss Whedon, this book is for you. Its such an interesting and fun book. I purchased it to use as a reference source for a research essay, but after the assignment, I immediately read the entire book through for the fun of it.
  •     This is the first book I have read in the Psychology and Popular Culture series, and I enjoyed it. Although I have taken a university psych course and had some background knowledge on the topics discussed, the book still would have been easy to understand if I hadn't.The book covers mostly Firefly/Serenity and Buffy, although there are a few essays about Angel. The contributors do reference all seasons / episodes of the series, so this is a book that's best to read after you've watched all episodes (unless you want to be spoiled).

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