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Press:Running Pr Book Pub Running Press (March 31, 2004)
Author Name:Harry, Lou


Put the power of voodoo to work in the office--so you won't have to! With a mini corporate voodoo doll and 32 page executive spellbook, you're practically guaranteed to turn nasty colleagues into friendly allies. 
And if you're looking for a raise or hoping for a promotion, you can hardly go wrong with this hilarious kit.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Hilarious! I was nicely surprised by the quality of this gag gift. It actually holds up to many voodoo moments!
  •     A gift for a friend who has having some particularly unpleasant negotiations. We stuck the little worm's picture on it and had great fun. A wonderful stress reliever.
  •     Ordered this for a white elephant office party. We had so much fun with this.
  •     This kit includes a poor quality doll, 2 pins, and instructions. It is a great gag gift, but nothing fancy.
  •     I was surprised how small the product was when it came. The book and the doll are inside the box not separate. It might have said that in the description but for the cost I think I overpaid for it.
  •     Got this gift for a Christmas gift exchange and people just thought it was hilarious. I paired it with a Buddha board so the recipient could either go with voodoo or Zen!
  •     Cute gift idea for the coworker of boss. Quality seems "ok" for what it is.
  •     This was a huge hit to my friend. Glad she loved my gift.
  •     I love Blue Q stuff. This is not my fave item from them, but still cute. Everyone has enjoyed it. Has weird little notes on body, and wish it had more pins. I could go for a slightly bigger doll, and lose the booklet, but overall it was not a bad pickup. Just some silliness for work.
  •     Cute fun gag gift.
  •     The recipients loved them! Lots of fun.
  •     Mini is right, which is OK, but the box was slightly dinged up, which must have happened before it was shipped because it was packaged fine. It's a gift, so the intention is still there, but I was expecting something a little more substantial all around.
  •     Using the kit has allowed me to ignore office politics around me.
  •     This is a funny office gift. Not high quality, but for the price it can't be beat!
  •     Bought this at the Voodoo Mart convenience store in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I have it on my cube wall mounted to a piece of paper with the words "IN CASE OF...
  •     A gift for two co-workers, to help them release their frustrations from work. They loved it!
  •     great
  •     I work out of a home office and there's no water cooler to go hang around near and complain to my coworkers about what the latest thing that weird customer is doing. Things tend to fester a bit, I have some stress relievers, of course, but well... there's just something about sticking a pin into Mr. ABC's kneecap that makes me feel all shiny and happy.Seriously, it's a little batting-filled person made out of cloth and has little saying on their bodies like "downsized" and you choose a spell from your little book and ram the included pin home. (Just make sure you don't do it too hard with it your hand, it can and will go all the way through it's body).It's great when you are on the phone with someone that is making you absolutely crazy. I've been known to use it when speaking with certain family members actually. It doesn't make a lot of noise, but as you are talking to them, you wonder if that little hitch in their voice is from you sticking a pin smack in the middle of their eyeball.Seriously though - this is a great little office toy to give away at the white elephant gift exchange or just because you think someone needed a laugh. It's very small, the guy is only about 3.5" tall (there's a girl on the other side), so it's great for their desk toy collection.Well worth a gag.

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