Does My Goldfish Know Who I am?: And Hundreds More Big Questions from Little People Answered by Experts

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Press:FABER & FABER Faber & Faber (October 3, 2013)
Author Name:Harris, Gemma Elwin


"This book is invaluable!" Alexander Armstrong Children ask the funniest questions: Why does sweetcorn come out the same as when I ate it? Do spiders speak? Why does Daddy never win the lottery? Which is faster, a Velociraptor or a cheetah? How does the lady in the satnav know where to go? Does my goldfish know who I am? (Do you think fish have two-second memories? Find out the truth on page 94!) This book takes real children's questions gathered from primary schools across the UK and asks some of the greatest thinkers and experts of our time to give short and accessible answers. 
Brian Cox explores the edge of the universe, Sir David Attenborough tells us whether monkeys could ever turn into men, and Miranda Hart ponders why it's funny when someone farts.
Other contributors include Bear Grylls, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Quentin Blake, Heston Blumenthal, Kate Humble, John Lanchester, A.
Grayling, Jeremy Paxman, Dan Snow, Jojo Moyes and Tony Robinson.
Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am? is a treasury of surprising facts and insights inspired by the curiosity of children.
It is the perfect family gift - because sometimes grown-ups need help with the answers too.
At least 33 per cent of the publisher's advance payments and 67 per cent of net royalty income in respect of sales of this book is donated to the NSPCC (Registered Charity Numbers 216401 & SC037717).


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  •     We all have that problem of wanting to know something, but not sure how to formulate the question or even know what to ask to whom for risking the "… it's a stupid question…"-shame. Well, this book shows that kids are absolutely fantastic at asking questions and get to asking the right kind of questions to get to the bottom of things. And the answers are formulated in such a way that a light will go on in your head every time you turn a page. Suddenly I could explain things to my son in a simple, understandable manner and I believe this book will stick around in our home for many many years to come. AND a percentage of the sales goes towards charity so you are doing your family's brain a service as well as serve someone else.
  •     It is normal to have many questions as a kid - about life, about society, about science. Curiosity does not always kill the cat, more than often it is the thing that helps humanity evolve and discover new things. In this book, experts in various domains, from physicists to professional football players answer to some of the many questions children have.I believe I would have loved this book as a child, I often read things like this one - even though there weren't so many of them available then in my country. As an adult, however, I was able to view things a little more objectively.Generally, most of the questions are pertinent and the answers are clearly formulated in simple terms so the children can understand the information given to them. It is nice to see the names and ages of each child who asks a question, but there were situations in which I thought considering the age of the little curious one, the answer was a bit too complicated or the opposite - an older child who I thought should be getting a more precise answer. Also, some of the questions are rather silly, and could have been easilly answered to by parents - so I couldn't see the point of being added to the book. I suppose it was for the comedic effect. I was not amused.I will admit, however, that the question about goldfish knowing who their owners are was the exception here, since it was actually funny and made for a very attention-grabbing title for the book.By the time I reached the half of this book, I started to get bored and a few pages later, the book turns to quizzes created by children - yay, I knew almost all of the answers - which I think would've made the book more fun if they were placed throughout it. If I was getting sleepy, then you can bet kids were too.Finally, we get to the thing that annoyed me about this science book for children - the ending, consisting of 20% of my digital review copy was filled with information about the people who answered those questions. If they are also included in the printed copy, then I think this is a very sad waste of papers, since everyone who cares to find out more about these people can also use Google, thank you very much.All in all, this probably still is very entertaining and educational for children, so if your little one is curious about science even the tiniest bit (or if you're trying to get him or her to be), you should try getting this title for them.
  •     I bought this for a reluctant reader, who loves science. He read us random questions and answers over Christmas brunch - lots of fun, plenty of laughter.
  •     Such a great idea for a book! It's no secret that I'm a sucker for these types of books of weird facts aimed at ten-year-olds, and have been since I was a ten-year-old myself. This one is particularly great because the authors enlisted the help of actual kids (from schools across England, mostly 9-11 year olds) to submit questions they most wanted answered, then they approached various celebrity experts to answer them. The experts range from chef Heston Blumenthal to illustrator Quentin Blake, with a lot of TV doctors and hosts of science shows thrown in.And the answer to the titular question (which was not, I was disappointed to learn, the first in the book but instead buried mid-way)? Does your goldfish know who you are? Well sort of. It probably has a longer memory than the oft-quoted three seconds, and evne small fish can remember when and where they get their food, but it likely can't recognize your face.My favourite question in the book? "Why are Quentin Blake's drawings so messy?" To which Quentin Blake replies, "They are not messy! It takes ages to get the lines exactly as I want them!"
  •     This book is fun and funny. The question are both what you would expect children to ask and some surprises.
  •     My grand kids love this book, we read this at bed time, some of the stories are really fun, other deep
  •     An easy-to-read book. You'll find out about a few curiosities of life. Nothing amazing, but it is nice to have a good time...
  •     I thought this book was going to be more interesting. It's very simple. It is just ok. Prompt delivery .
  •     I heard a review of this book on PBS. The author sounded interesting. I was disappointed in the shallowness of the explanations. But I think the target audience must be pre--teen.
  •     My 13 year old son requested the companion book, "Big Questions from Little People," for Christmas. When I saw this one, I added it to the order. Unfortunately, there was no break on shipping, no tracking, and there were no shipping speed options. Although he received the book slightly after Christmas, and it cost more than I really wanted to spend, he read it right away. I guess that makes the purchase a success.
  •     i bought two copies - one for a 75 year old man, another for a 30 year old mother of two. In common for all: a sense of whimsy, curiosity; all love books, are readily engrossed - and can walk away from a disappointing book without a second thought.. Recipients - all ages - all rave: this is great - love it - where did you find it.

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