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Press: Pembroke Publishers (December 1, 2001)
Author Name:Golick, Margie; Churchill, Jane;


Silly rhymes, tricky riddles, and all sorts of wacky word games to challenge children of all ages. 
Alliteration, homophones, and anagrams will help 8- to 12-year-olds learn the basics of the English language and create their own rhymes, unscramble words, solve riddles, and find words within words.
The book uses both word and picture clues to challenge and entertain every student.


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  •     This book is superb. I just sat back and let the wacky words woo me. The eloquence with which these "games" tickle your brain will blow you from here to 10 buck too- Gotcha. Wacky just isn't the word. It is more like brilliance, an elegant display of intelligence and tenacity. It is like the circles of life keep moving and these words, these incredibly crazy words, make living more enjoyable. Yes, they really do. Who needs alcohol or drugs when you can get a natural high by just reading this book with a friend? Phenomenally titillating. Experience the wackiness.

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