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Press: AuthorHouse (July 9, 2012)
Author Name:Laurie, John


This book is over eleven hundred statements about sports officials which are designed by the author to create ten seconds of laughter and possibly twenty seconds of thought. 
It is a great read for the sports fan and sports officials.
Hopefully it will bring a smile when you read it as well as a smile when you see sports officials during a game follow suit with many of the examples provided you in this book .
Zany Zebra Zingers.
You don't need to have a background in sports to enjoy this book.
One of the author's concerns is that the reader may take too seriously some of the quotations.
It takes a good sense of humor to be a successful official and, if all of us could learn to laugh at ourselves or each other once in a while, we would enjoy the game more as well as appreciate in new ways the role that each of us play in a sporting contest.
Robert Frost once commented on his famous poem Stopping By A Woods On A Snowy Evening, "Don't take the poem too far .
just enjoy the thought".
I would like to respectfully offer his advice reminding all of my readers to have fun with my comments not taking any impressions of criticism or perceived sarcasm "too far".
Just enjoy the thought! This collection of Zany Zebra Zingers has taken over thirty-five years to assemble.
Additional Between The Stripes books on such topics of Leadership, Communication, Pregames, Supervisors and Observers, Good Officials and Bad Officials are being prepared for publication.


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  •     the book should be required reading for all sports officials. john has done an excellent job in describing what it takes to be a succesuful official. also a good book for coaches to read and heed. good work as always
  •     I was hoping for a lot of inspiration here. I found a lot of pages filled with one-line thoughts that are often repetitive and frequently short on substance. It has its good points, but it also has its poor points. It's not the kind of thing to buy if you're looking for a good read. It's what you buy when you have 5 minutes and want to read something that doesn't require a lot of attention. Quips, snaps, and chirps is a good way to describe this book.

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