Stasis Leaked Complete: The Unofficial Behind the Scenes Guide to Red Dwarf

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Press: Elly Books; F First Edition edition (August 20, 2012)
Author Name:Killick, Jane


Based on interviews with the cast and crew, this book goes behind the scenes of the successful space comedy, Red Dwarf. 
With chapters on every episode, it reveals how the series was made, and tells the stories of what happened on and off set.
Why did Holly leave? How did Cat lose his teeth? What happened when the writers split up? All these questions are answered, and more.
With: • Episode synopses • Behind the scenes details on every episode • Overviews of every series • Quotes from cast and crew Stasis Leaked Complete reveals how the show was made, examines the ideas behind the episodes, and illustrates them all with anecdotes from the people who were there.
Including bonus chapters on: • Red Dwarf Special Effects • Red Dwarf’s Missing Episodes • Red Dwarf USA • and the ill-fated Red Dwarf Movie Jane Killick is a journalist and author who has written extensively about Red Dwarf in science fiction magazines, and was the main feature writer for the Red Dwarf Smegazine.
She has spent time on set and on location with the production, conducted many interviews with the cast and with key members of the crew.
This book is based on those interviews, and concentrates on the BBC years, while also covering episodes produced by digital channel, Dave, including a full episode guide to Red Dwarf X.


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  •     Stasis Leaked Complete... is a fun,quick,and entertaining read. A delightful peek at what went into making Red Dwarf, a one of a kind science fiction sit-com. It also describes many of its trials and tribulations.The chapters and sections are perfectly sized for brief moments of reading if you are short on time. If you are a fan of the unique comedy series or just want to find out why this is such a beloved show give this book a try. It will make you smile or quite possibly chuckle.
  •     I have been a Red Dwarf fan for 25 years, and did not have high expectations when I ordered the book, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a very enjoyable read, and had a lot of new information.
  •     I wouldn't say this is a book that reveals anything die hard Dwarfers didn't know, although there were a few interesting anecdotes I wasn't aware of. If you are a fan of the show but haven't torrented the USA pilots yet or read any in depth background on the series this book could be for you though.
  •     Love it!
  •     seemed like a great gift for the Red Dwarf fan who has everything, otherwise known as my husband. He likes it!!!!
  •     Great info on the Red Dwarf episode. The only thing which would have greatly improved it is photos and LOTS of them.Recommended for any Dwarfer.
  •     read this completely, really really fun - Killick is an excellent writer in all ways (I have her B5 series as well) - perfect!
  •     I've already read the entire book. It's an entertaining read, with some great behind the scene stories and info. Any fan of the show should get it.
  •     This book is as much a must have for Red Dwarf fans as the DVD box set! I love behind the scenes information, and this book goes beyond just a couple little tidbits, and pictures to give you full descriptions of each episode, as well as what they believe to be the funniest moments, etc. Well worth a read!
  •     This was a fun read... However, I would assume that if you are purchasing literature or any sort of insight in to the production of Red Dwarf, you own the series in some format. The DVD's that have been released contain specials within each season which provide a lot of the same information contained within this book. A lot of it was like reading a transcribed version of the special content on the home media versions.Don't get me wrong, there are some nice things in here. These go much further in depth at some points with some nice interviews and insight into the Red Dwarf film that never was and its revival on DAVE. Each seasonal chapter contains production info on each episode. Complete with a recap of each synopsis and what the writer deems "funniest moments (arguably)". The plot synopsis is tedious because again, if you are buying this book, you are probably well versed in the series.It's short and sweet for what is in there but repetitive in its info. If you can get it used or get the cheaper Kindle version go for it.

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