The Game of Destiny - Fortune Telling with Lenormand Cards

Press: Nzo Quimbanda Exu Ventania (February 7, 2007)
Author Name:Ventos, Mario Dos


Mlle Lenormand was beyond any doubt one of the most famous and most talented fortune tellers of all times. 
Her life is also surrounded with stories of amazement and mystery - and so are her cards! The most comprehensive book ever published on the Fortune Telling Cards of Mlle Lenormand, The Game of Destiny contains the meanings of all 36 cards, card combinations, special meanings and several different spreads of this unique divination system.
This is the first book to reveal precisely how these cards work, and explain how this system of divination can provide amazingly accurate answers to questions about love, friendships, family, career, health and spirituality.
An extra chapter on how to invoke the aid of the Gypsy Spirits in card divination as well as ideas and recipes to aid clients and readers alike make this book an exceptionally valuable guide for beginners and professional readers alike.


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