Hollywood Lives: Movie Stars in the Golden Age, Their Own Stories

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Press: Outskirts Press (January 9, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-1
Author Name:Bannock, Graham


Golden Age Movie Actors as Writers  'Hollywood Lives' is about the movies in the Golden Age (1930-1950). 
It reviews some 175 star autobiographies distilling out of them the actor's accounts of the Communist Witch Hunt, racial prejudice, studio pressures, the glamour of movie stardom, the bosses, fellow actors and much else.
This is the first ever book about movie actors as writers and contains many surprises.
Graham Bannock, a British author now in his seventies, has been watching movies and reading about them since he was in his teens.
He has authored or co-authored some 30 books, mostly on economics and business.


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  •     This book will enthral even the most avid movie buff by its fresh look at, and revelations about, the Golden Age of Hollywood. Graham Bannock is a well known British author, who has written 30 or so books during a long career, including such authoritative works as the Penguin Dictionary of Economics, and here he brings his talents and long-standing fascination with films (apparently he has been watching movies almost every day for the best part of 50 years) to bear on the world of the stars. Graham draws upon hundreds of biographies and autobiographies from the 1930s-1950s to paint a unique picture of the time. He uses the material to bring to life one of the most important eras in US - and world - cultural history. The tapestry of first-hand anecdotes and deeply personal experiences throws new light on the period, including notably the role of women, race relations, studio pressures and other complex issues.
  •     Very interesting book; deals with info about several H'wood stars...during their lives and when filming movies. Also, info regarding autobiographies written by some. Enjoyed the book... well written. Lots of info that I was not aware of.
  •     But having read many books, bios and otherwise, on the Golden Age of Hollywood as well as the earliest years, I found nothing in this book that I had not already read. Same quotes, same anecdotes, etc...If you want it all in once place this is an okay book, not one of the best, but it is a decent overview.Once in the awhile the author's opinion creeps in, instead of just reporting the information, i.e. author decides that Joan Crawford's daughter made it up about her hitting the kids, etc...because he believes the one child, but not the other.Anyway, I was disappointed as the other reviews here led me to believe that this book held new info not reported in countless other books and it was not the case.
  •     wonderful stories about the celebrities that made Hollywood famous,infamous and certainly a place too talk about. It gives a good slice of part of Hollywood's different eras.
  •     great stories, with the author's unique personal touch. Graham Bannock's personal connection to the stars gives special life and warmth to what is clearly a labor of love.
  •     Honestly I skipped through many parts of the book, and never actually finished. There was just no hook for me. Prefer reading full biographies.
  •     This book is so much fun to read - so interesting and well written!
  •     It was ok, I expected more, but I suppose there's not that can be added to real life stories, and experiences of movie stars.
  •     Any movie buff will find this pretty much a rehash of stories/history from other sources. May be best strictly for the newbie or as a reference material.
  •     What a sad day for me to arrive at the last page of this delightful book.It is the only true quality book I have read on Hollywood. Having been in thebusiness for many years during the Golden Era I am well aware of the research andwriting talent of this book. For anyone interested in that era it is surely a mustread. You will love it. Thank you Graham Bannock for taking the time to write it and formentioning me in it. I am priviledged to be sure. It is a keeper!

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