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Press:Firefly Books Firefly Books (1997)
Publication Date:2006-08-14
Author Name:Ralph Steadman


One genius takes on another. 
Bursting defiantly and gleefully beyond the bounds of orthodox biography, Sigmund Freud is a wildly humorous exercise in bending, stretching and speculating on the activities of the so-called Father of Psychoanalysis.
Ralph Steadman wields his shrewd wit and fierce pen to highlight the movements of Freud's life and career, from early childhood to the moment of death.
But there's a twist.
Through a masterful interplay of text and illustration, each scene is transformed into a "joking situation," which the artist hilariously examines according to the techniques discussed by Freud himself in his 1905 book, Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious.
The result is a fantastic Freudian festival of visual and verbal puns, unexpected insights, and sheer intellectual enjoyment.
Originally published in hardcover in 1979, released in paperback in 1997, and now back in print, Sigmund Freud is superbly illustrated with more than 50 major drawings and 25 vignettes.
It remains one of the most original illustrated books of our times and a Ralph Steadman classic.

About the Author

Ralph Steadman has been a cartoonist since 1956, starting as a caustic observer of Britain's political and social scene. 
He is well known as the illustrator of Hunter S.
Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Steadman's work appears regularly in newspapers and magazines, including Rolling Stone and the Atlantic Monthly, and his many published books include Tales of the Weirrd and Alice in Wonderland.


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Comment List (Total:6)

  •     Good shape, interesting book. Good gift for a psychologist friend. Interesting illustrations, also full of text. It was a gift for a friend, they liked it.
  •     I bought books for gifts except three. They ere all plrsding with exception of one large book that was solid black with no pictures, print or dust cover. I have already shipped it and fon't remember the name. It was not shown that way when I ordered.
  •     Far,far out.
  •     I read this book many years ago. Good info about Frued . Read it and bought it because you cant go wrong with Ralph Steadman.Outstanding drawings asif I had to tell you that.
  •     Ralph Steadman is a very intelligent artist, one of the very few to approach Freud from a honest artistic point of view. Plus the book is in perfect condition.
  •     The anecdotes of his life are amusing and interesting. It's an easy way to become familiar with Freud's philosophy and life. The remarkable sketches by Steadman are fantastic!

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