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Press:ICA Philadelphia ICA Philadelphia (June 1, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-06-01
Author Name:Timothy Drescher,Joseph Bartscherer,Stephen Powers,Todd "Reas" James,Barry McGee,Todd James,Bartscherer


Essay by Timothy Drescher.


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  •     collector's should get a copy of the Barry McGee book published in Italy by Prada back in 2002. With 300 pages of full color art plus a 20 page interview it's easily the one essential volume of Barry McGee's art. Don't even bother with this shabby collection of pamphlets or "The Buddy System" which only has about 20 pages in color. Get the Prada book-it even has an original Twist sticker on it!
  •     I was dissapointed upon receiving this book. Actually it is not even a book, it is a collection of pamphlets from an exhibit in Philidelphia under the same name. As a fan of Barry Mcgee's artwork I was discouraged to find only a few examples of his work and mostly not even in color. I would recommend the book 'Scrawl - Dirty Graphics & Strange Characters' for someone interested in McGee and other similiar urban artists.

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