Bling & Fringe (The L.A. Poems)

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Press: What Books Press (October 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-10
Author Name:Wronsky, Gail,Wronsky, Gail 编


"In these intensely female, lively luscious songs it's Colette meets Beyonce meets Lil Mama meets Cixous and in comes Kristeva meets Molly Bendall meets Gail Wronsky, and therefore streams continual surprise--eros kisses big bad boogie man theory and 'word as noose' slang jumpstarts high-flown lingo and it's all so playful and yet deadly serious--how these poems issue from one urgent, collective, Medusa-like mouth, one it's high time is heard"--Gillian Conoley.

About the Author

Molly Bendall is the author of four books of poetry: After Estrangement, Dark Summer, Ariadne's Island, and UNDER THE QUICK. 
She has co-authored with Gail Wronsky two books of cowgirl poetry.
Bendall teaches at the University of Southern California.Gail Wronksy is the author of four books of poetry, Again the Gemini Are in the Orchard, DYING , Poems for Infidels, and SO QUICK BRIGHT THINGS; a novel, The Love-talkers; and a book of translations, Volando Bajito (poems by Alicia Partnoy).
She is Director of Creative Writing and Syntext at Loyola Marymount University.


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  •     Wronsky and Bendall ride again! These two are hilarious and smart. Just have fun with this because they sure did.
  •     Wronsky and Bendall have combined before as the cowgirls Calamity and Belle; here they do for fashion and language poetry what they did then for cowgirls; funny and smart and a lot of fun; doin' what poetry should do, entertain with complexity; you can re-read and re-read and have more enjoyment each time.
  •     I teach a creative writing class. This book is eminently useful as a way of introducing students to playing with language. Great fun! Hats off to Gail Wronsky yet again.

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