The Sopranos: A Family History --Season 4 (Revised and Updated)

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Press:NAL Trade NAL Trade; Rev Upd edition (September 2, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-09-02
Author Name:Allen Rucker


A “killer coffee table book” (TV Guide)... 
The New York Times bestselling history of TV’s first family, now updated through the fourth season.
Now updated with 32 pages of new material, plus new photos, this official companion to the acclaimed series reveals an ever-expanding web of love, loyalty and deceit, with a complete dossier on Tony Soprano and his two families.
Includes: • Full-color photographs from the family album • Exclusive interview with series creator David Chase • Episode guides updated through the fourth season • Plus FBI reports, court indictments, credit card statements,   cash flow charts, body counts, neighbors’ complaint forms,    surveillance transcripts, family recipes, and more.

About the Author

Allen Rucker is a writer and television journalist. 
He cofounded the experimental video group TVTV, and has written numerous award-winning TV specials and documentaries including the recent Family Values: The Mob and the Movies.
His published work includes two books of satire, The History of White People in America and A Paler Shade of White, both coauthored with comedian Martin Mull.
He teaches in the School of Cinema-TV at the University of Southern California.
He majored in English at Washington University, and has two MAs in American Culture and Communication from the University of Michigan and Standford (where he first met Sopranos creator David Chase.) He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and the younger of their two sons.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     This rather odd book would be a great gift for any Sopranos-phile. Instead of just being a glorified fanzine, it is put together in a style that makes it both compelling and enlightening for even the most ardent fan. The book is written as if the author has put together a real life FBI dossier on New Jersey's leading crime family. Included are artifacts and ancedotes that supposedly provide insight to the agents who are trying to bring down Tony and the boys. It is a clever and amusing way to provide fans of the series with detailed background and insight into the show's myriad of characters. But not to fear, it also provides an episode by episode recap of every show from the first two seasons (hence its one drawback, it covers ONLY the first two seasons). Oddities abound, such as a nursing home report on Livia and a discarded credit card bill showing a month's worth of Meadow's purchases. In fact, were it the real thing, the author's obsession with both of Tony's "families" would be downright creepy. This is the kind of stuff you would expect a stalker to have in his possession. Overall, a worthwhile book for fans, but not the sort of thing you would give to someone who hasn't already been initiated.
  •     I loved this book. I poured over it so many times that I have just about worn it out. It has been like a Bible of sorts to me. Very interesting.
  •     Well if you like the TV show the Sopranos you will love this book. The book puts you into the show and what goes on as if you were part of it. The book is loaded with pictures of the mob charactors as if they were a real family. Allen talks with the creator David Chase bringing to you where his idea's come from. Awalk through the fourth season. You will get to view FBI reports on the family right down to what they eat. This book is a must if you are a true follower of the Sopranos.
  •     nice read!
  •     As a huge (pronounced "yooge") fan of "The Sopranos," I approached this book with some trepidation (pronounced "trepidation"). I've seen every episode at least three times and I've been known to start reciting lines from the show at business meetings and in Church. I worried that the book would be written by some doozybotts who didn't know nothing about the show. I was very surprised to find that, not only does Mr. Rucker know everything there is to know about "The Sopranos," he knows even more about the Sopranos. In other words -- if I've lost you -- he tells us stuff about the family that we haven't learned from the show. The book reads like a Mario Puzo novel in places and not at all like some trashy TV companion book. (I once read "Where the The Real Car 54 Is," allegedly written by Gunther Tooty, and it wasn't worth the paper it was written on.) My only complaint is that the introduction, by crime reporter extraordinaire Jeffrey Wernick, was not longer. That man has some insight! Buy the book today!
  •     This is most informative book of any tv series.The auther goes to great length to tell us about all the major characters and events over last 2 years.Everybody is here including articles about some of the older family members we hear about in the series also Mr Rucker goes to into great detail to tell us how the family earns and what the wiseguys earn and how the wiseguys earn and this is what makes the book so unique.,but what impressed me most is that the book is written as if the sopranos were a real crime family. I think that every angle of every character has been covered the book just does not leave anything out and with interveiwswith all the stars, this book is a must for all of you who like me have been sucked in to the lives of the sopranos.Excelent,Supberb and brilliant.
  •     Great book with lots of inside info. Got one for my husband and brother and they both love it
  •     As a huge fan of the Sopranos, I knew I HAD to have this book! And what a great book this is. This book is full of so many photos (mostly color but there are some black and white photos of Tony's early childhood), quotes from season one and season two, inside information, a mob talk dictionary, and much, much more! Read the letter that Peter Galani, AJ's school psychologist, wrote regarding AJ and his ADD. Read Meadow's online conversations and see a copy of her Discovery credit card bill. Read a rather interesting list of refuse items found in Tony and Carmela's trash collected by the feds. Read the letter that Joan wrote to help get Meadow admitted to Georgetown University. Read interviews, character profiles, in depth descriptions of the episodes of both season one and season two, FBI notes and official documents, and documents on Livia from Green Grove. This book is full of so much information and wonderful photographs--if you are a Sopranos fan, you MUST have this book! After reading it, you'll be saying to yourself Madonn'!!
  •     this book sucked so bad i tossed it
  •     Really nice coffee table book. Lots of detail. You could read it again and again.
  •     All the info about the first seasons of the most exciting, complex, and addictive drama on TV today - the episode summaries, the characters (all of them), and most unique - backstory on the characters. Lavishly illustrated (with lots of never-before-seen photos), interviews, quotes, FBI stuff. Even readers who know ALL about the show will be impressed. And new fans who want to catch up with the experts will get a chance. It hasn't been publicized a lot, but this attractive volume is a keeper!
  •     A light-hearted and fun romp through the lives (including some childhoods) of major Sopranos characters. Wonderful pictures, too.
  •     What I found in this book was something certainly unexpected.I thought it would just be a coffee-table catalogue with episode reviews and character profiles, but...
  •     I have been wanting this book since it came out a year or so ago. It did NOT disappoint. There is so much in this book that doesn't come from the show.
  •     Great book to have if you are a die hard Soprano fan like myself. Gives you great insights on the Soprano family tree and it also gives Soprano fans a guide on things that you...
  •     Wonderful. This is a must for die-hard Sopranos fans, filled with inside information about the characters and actors. My review may not be the greatest but the book is.
  •     I was expecting to see some cheesy rehash of everything we already knew about the Sopranos -- but man, was I wrong! I was simply blown away by this companion book. The chapters not only introduce each character for newbies who aren't familiar with the series, but provides tons of little tidbits about everyone's history that almost reads like a novel! There are great items like newspaper clips, FBI intercepted e-mails, profiles, and clever design elements that give the whole story behind the story. there's even some complaint sheets from Livia's stay at the old folks home that are hilarious. The pictures are awesome -- the book overall is very beautiful and worth every cent. Even better, there are interviews with the cast and a longer one with series creator David Chase. This truly is a collector's item, and should be on the top of any Sopranos fan Christmas list!

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