Only Connect: A Cultural History of Broadcasting in the United States

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Press:Thomson Learning Cengage Learning; 2 edition (March 1, 2006)
Author Name:Hilmes, Michele
Edition:2nd Edition


ONLY CONNECT is a comprehensive history of American broadcasting from its earliest days in radio, through the rise of television, to the current era of digital media and the Internet. 
It presents broadcasting as a vital component of American cultural identity, placing the development of U.S.
radio, television, and new media in the context of social and cultural change.
Each chapter opens with a discussion of the historical period, thoroughly traces the development of media policy, the growth of media industries, and the history of U.S.
broadcast programming, and closes with a look at the major ways that radio and television have been understood and discussed throughout American history.


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  •     I bought this book for a class I am taking in college. I paid approximately $62 for it.While I am glad I made the choice not to splurge on a brand new textbook for $120, I still can't believe that I paid $62 for what I have now. The edges are frayed and curled. According to the stickers, two people used it before me. There is some writing in it that is distracting in color and frequency. I was warned that there would possibly be writing in it, though I assumed incorrectly in thinking it wouldn't be as noticeable as it is. My mistake. Just don't make the same one. Get "Very good" or "good." Don't settle for "acceptable."
  •     I was impressed with the timely response to my order. The book arrived to my house in record time. It was slightly used but it served it's purpose.
  •     I haven't really read this book (got is for school), but the little I have read it very historically detailed, which is interesting because we don't really cover that in the class.It's easy to read and understand.
  •     This is a great resource on understanding the history of broadcasting in the USA, it is very specialized. It is a textbook for primarily education in a field related to broadcasting. Interesting and insightful, but it is designed as a broadcasting historical/informational text.
  •     Arrived on time, as expected.

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