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Press:Focal Press Focal Press; 3 edition (February 16, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-2-14
Author Name:Christopher J. Bowen,Roy Thompson
Edition:3rd Edition


Whether you're just learning how to frame a shot or simply looking for a refresher, the third edition of Grammar of the Shot gives you the tools you need to build a successful visual story that flows smoothly and makes sense to your audience.Understand the basic building blocks essential for successful shot composition, screen direction, depth cues, lighting, screen direction, camera movement, and many general practices that make for richer, multi-layered visuals. 
Expand your visual vocabulary, help jumpstart your career in filmmaking, and watch visual examples and further instruction on the companion website, as an easy-to-use reference, Grammar of the Shot presents each topic succinctly with clear photographs and diagrams illustrating the key concepts, and is a staple of any filmmaker’s library.
* A simple and clear overview of the principles of shooting motion pictures―timeless information that will improve your work * The companion website offers video instruction and examples to bring the book's lessons to life * Together with its companion volume Grammar of the Edit, Third Edition these books are exactly what the beginning filmmaker needs New to this edition: * A full chapter devoted to lighting * More script coverage, complete with a sample script * Suggested exercises and projects for you to practice your skills * End-of-chapter quizzes to test your grasp of key concepts * New visual examples

About the Author

Christopher J. 
Bowen has worked within the motion media industries for over 15 years as a cinematographer, editor, director, and educator.
Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of film production and visual media writing at Framingham State University.
Professor Bowen is also an Avid Certified Instructor, Creative Director at his own media production company, Fellsway Creatives, and author of the companion text, Grammar of the Edit, Third Edition.
Roy Thompson (deceased) was a freelance director and frequently worked as a trainer for the Television Training Centre of Deutsche Welle, Berlin.
He worked extensively in Europe, Africa, and Middle and Far Eastern countries.
He was author of Grammar of the Edit, First Edition also published by Focal Press.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     This book bridges the gap between "filmmaking for dummies" and The American Cinematographer Manual. While I feel that it would be a wonderful book if taking a course in composition and general camera techniques, I think it may be a bit over the heads of most novices. At the same time, those looking to delve deeper into the magics of film and video processes and imagery may feel that this book is a bit lacking. If you already have some filmmaking knowledge, but would love to have a refresher in all things motion picture camera related, this would be a good book to own.
  •     This is a great book for refreshing technic even if you shoot consistantly. This arrived before the vendor assumed it would.
  •     Excellent book ! I recommend this to anyone planning to shot Video of any kind. this will help you understand what shots go together and what the different shots tend to mean when viewed in a video.I also recommend how to shoot video that doesn't suck.
  •     This is a wonderfully informative book.
  •     GRAMMAR OF THE SHOT - have no doubt about it, this is a practitioner's handbook!There's something very excellent and uncluttered about this text. Although it's a "grammar book", it doesn't come across stuffily. It's founded on practical know-how and it's derived from working with some important basic knowledge - how to communicate properly using moving visual images. The rules and applications of them are clear.This is a requisite first step, for any filmmaker learning their trade, or teacher needing to refer students on.And it's modularized - "chunky", in today's jargon. Compiled of logical, easy to digest pieces, which can be re-combined in various orders, to apply and make sense!If you shoot to edit, you might consider this and GRAMMAR OF THE EDIT as a necessary pigeon-pair.
  •     If the lingo of filmmaking is what you want, then get this book. This various terms used in the film industry helps seem to tell the story of filmmaking. Ready, Set, Action!
  •     This is great info for beginning filmmakers! It gives you all the basics with great illustrations of what the terms mean and how they look.
  •     This book seems to help.
  •     Superb.
  •     As described
  •     I agree with what all the others have said regarding content. Succinct and valuable information, although mostly geared toward dramatic cinema, not documentary work.Perhaps I got a bad copy, but my book is very hard to read. It has a ton of white space on the outside margin and the type is smashed right to the binding. I have to practically rip it apart to read it. The Grammar of the Edit book I purchased at the same time does not suffer from this same poor lay out or printing job.
  •     For me this book is good reference book but i really didn't enjoy of it. Its good to read this book, its worth. This good book to who wants to start to read about aspects of film.
  •     Great Book, lots of helpful stuff, nice style
  •     Very Good.
  •     Having plodded through many film and video production books, it is refreshing to come across a more compact and succinct publication. Grammar of the Shot (2nd Edition) by Roy Thompson and Christopher Bowen provides a clear and concise explanation of motion picture visual language. This universal language (or grammar) is an essential foundation for filmmakers to produce a film or video. "As a filmmaker, when you "speak" the common film language, you will be able to communicate your story to a global audience."Grammar of the Shot elucidates the basic techniques and concepts of visual grammar --framing shots, camera angles and movement, focal lengths, lighting, and 3D elements; And it tackles more complex concepts such as manipulating depth of field, aesthetics of lighting, and how to cross the 180 degree line safely.Practical shooting advice is given as well as recommendations on achieving more compelling shots. Although little attention is given to post production (devoted to companion text, Grammar of the Edit), this book emphasizes how to shoot with editing in mind. Topics concerned with the editing process include coverage, continuity issues, the180 degree rule, reciprocating imagery, and eye-line matches. Peppered throughout the text are photographs, illustrations, and diagrams to illustrate key concepts and techniques. There are useful reviews at the end of each chapter and a glossary and index. I highly recommend Grammar of the Shot for film and video production classes. In addition, it would be useful for emerging filmmakers and for those who need a refresher.

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