USA TODAY Top 10 of Everything 2012: More Than Just the No. 1 (Top Ten of Everything)

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Press: Sterling (October 4, 2011)
Author Name:Ash, Caroline


The bestselling Top 10 annual is back, with more than 700 updated lists and brand-new feature spreads revealing exactly who or what is the best, worst, richest, deadliest, biggest, or baddest of almost everything under the sun!  Featuring over 7,000 of the most intriguing facts about history, science, sports, music, movies, nature, people, and places, this fascinating full-color resource will astonish, inform, entertain, and educate.


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  •     I look forward to it every year - been collecting since 2000. not sure of why they put it out in February though, since most of the data is usually 2- 3 years old
  •     It has a wealth of general information. Well laid out. My whole family have read it.Look forward to next years one
  •     We used the book to play games at family gatherings and parties and it has been a big hit! There is a wide variety of topics so it was easy to find something that all ages were knowledgeable of. Looking forward to issue 2013.
  •     Great gift book for my teenage son.
  •     This is a great book for anyone who facilitates meetings. When energy in the room drops, put them in groups and have them identify the "top 10" of one of the lists. Competitive spirit always gets the juices flowing again - and it's educational at the same time.
  •     I purhcased this as a gift for someone,, its really great coffee table book, great for quick refrence as well..
  •     I bought this book for someone else and he said that he enjoyed reading it. Didn't take him too long to finish with it though.
  •     One of my students brought in the record book from 2010. This year my students asked if there was a book with current records. Everyday they would look through this book and find different records and they were so excited to read about them.

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