Kids Law: A Practical Guide to Juvenile Justice

Press: Black Spring Books (January 21, 2003)
Author Name:John W Biggers


Written for kids, parents, teachers, counselors, social workers, youth workers and anyone else involved in the lives of youth today, KIDS LAW: A Practical Guide to Juvenile Justice is a down-to-earth and invaluable guide to the many aspects of the Juvenile Justice system. 
Through life story portraits, KIDS LAW deals with criminal law, juvenile courts, dependency, adoption, marriage and divorce, property and employment matters, and allows the reader to come face-to-face with the evolving American law as it impacts kids either because of their own actions or the actions of adults in their lives.
"KIDS LAW is an important and much needed addition to the libraries of anyone and everyone who works with children." Mubarak Awad, National Director, National Youth Advocate Program, Washington, DC

From the Publisher

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About the Author

Attorney and youth advocate John Biggers has worked closely with kids, parents and other adults in the Juvenile and Adult Courts for over 30 years. 
Based in the Midwest and Southwest, with a broad spectrum of experience in civil and criminal law, he has also helped public schools develop classroom-based KIDS LAW programs.
John Biggers is a frequent speaker at conferences, workshops and schools around the country.



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