Star Trek FAQ 2.0 (Unofficial and Unauthorized): Everything Left to Know About the Next Generation, the Movies, and Beyond

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Press: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books; First Edition/First Printing edition (June 1, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-6
Author Name:Clark, Mark


This book is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures, or the "Star Trek" franchise.
In the 1980s and '90s, Star Trek rose from the ash heap of network cancellation and soared to the peak of its popularity with a series of blockbuster feature films and the smash sequel series Star Trek: The Next Generation .
Star Trek FAQ 2.0 picks up where the original Star Trek FAQ left off, chronicling the historic comeback of the "failed" series and its emergence as a pop culture touchstone.
The book provides accounts of the production of every Star Trek movie (including creator Gene Roddenberry's struggle to retain control of the franchise) and every episode of The Next Generation (and the conflicts that roiled its writing staff).
It also offers profiles of the actors, directors, writers, producers, and technicians whose excellence fueled the franchise's success, and explores often overlooked aspects of the Star Trek phenomenon, including unofficial, fan-made productions.
Star Trek FAQ 2.0 represents the final frontier of Trek scholarship.

About the Author

Mark Clark, a 1988 graduate of the University of Louisville, is a film historian and the author of several books, including Star Trek FAQ, and has contributed essays and articles to numerous other books and magazines. 
He's a former film critic for the Louisville Courier-Journal and has also taught film history and genre theory for the Factory Digital Film Production Program at Douglas Education Center in Monessen, PA.


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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     M. Clark, no relation, does a great job organizing and presenting the whole process how ST-TNG came to be, all the episodes and subsequent movies as well as the important actors of the fabled series. At times, the DIRT can be considered GOSSIP. A good read, must have for any Star Trek FAN.
  •     To set the record straight, this is not an FAQ. Instead, this book spells out behind-the-scenes activities surrounding the Star Trek movies and The Next Generation tv show.The 2.0 signifies it being a follow-up to Star Trek FAQ by the same author.There is a large amount of information in this book but I read alot of quotes taken from the DVDs. (Nothing real "new" from what Trek fans already know)Just as you might have gathered from watching the special features of the Trek DVDs, there was incredible bickering and prima donna behavior surrounding the films and into the next generation. Some of the complaining and arguing seemed to be well placed but most of the time I kept thinking, "These people are babies"The largest section of this book is a summary of each Next Generation episode. You'll read what each episode was about and any small tid bit that Clark wanted to share.Clark includes actor/actress favorites (which, again, can be seen on the DVDs) as far as episodes and goes into interviews where people like Frakes and Burton complain about the bad movies.This book covers a long period of time: The Motion Picture through 2009's Star Trek movie. It's a great book for mild Trek fans who like to read about behind-the-scenes.This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.
  •     Another huge collection of Star Trek information and trivia, if not quite as interesting and unbiased as FAQ Version 1.0
  •     STAR TREK FAQ is a must read for the serious TREK fan. Both books have details about the TV series movies and more.
  •     Great behind the scenes details on the rebirth of the franchise starting from the first movie, the official TV series, and continuing through the JJ Abrams reboot.
  •     Mark Clark's appealing STAR TREK FAQ 2.0 is kinda/sorta a sequel to his STAR TREK FAQ volume published in 2012. FAQ 2.0 has a much wider scope - the Star Trek franchise after the original series' demise - but, to my mind, it is as entertaining, informative and - dare I say it! - as fascinating as the 2012 book.In 420-odd pages, Clark examines the protracted rebirth of the ST franchise starting with the 1979 flick and progressing through the ups and downs of the various ST movies, creation of THE NEXT GENERATION, the mixed success of the DEEP SPACE NINE, VOYAGER and ENTERPRISE shows, the franchise reboot courtesy of J. J. Abrams and where we stand circa 2013.While the bulk of the book deals with TNG, it provides comprehensive coverage of almost all things Star Trek. (Sections on ST comics, novels, etc. had to be dropped because publisher-mandated page limitations). In any case, FAQ 2.0 should prove to be catnip for Trekkers, abounding with knowledgeable info on ST who-what-where-how-and-why of the past 30-odd years. What I found most fascinating was to read of the ongoing evolution of the franchise as Roddenberry, Berman, Meyer, Nimoy, Shatner, Stewart, various Paramount execs, writers, etc. shaped, re-shaped and - sometimes fumbled - the ST mythos.STAR TREK 2.0 is a worthy companion volume to the original, continuing, as it does, to chronicle the ST journey through its various permutations. Critical yet affectionate, it reminds us what marvelous entertainment Roddenberry & Co. have provided over the past decades. Recommended.
  •     I am over 1/2 thru it and it is a very fascinating read. A little TOO much detail for my taste {but I can easily skip over parts I find uninteresting!
  •     Fast-paced, full of information and insight! ENJOYABLE READ! Lots of little-known trivia and back stories for a beloved sci-fi series (in all its incarnations).
  •     I loved the first Star Trek FAQ book -- it contains a lot of information about a lot of different Trek-related topics, is very well-written, and includes some great rare photographs. Since picking that book up a year or so ago, I have been anxiously awaiting this new, Star Trek FAQ 2.0.While this book is as well-written as the previous one, its range of topics is nowhere as diverse as the previous book. In the author's introduction, he mentions his change of approach to this one, and even mentions some of the subjects/chapters he had to leave out due to the limited number of pages allocated to him by the publisher. One of the differences here is the inclusion of an episode guide for Star Trek: The Next Generation. In the original book, the author specifically states that he did not include such a guide due to the fact that there are many episode guides already out there. I'd have much rather he left the episode guide out of this one too and included the deleted chapters he mentions in the introduction that covered some of the more diverse topics (he does mention the possibility of these chapters becoming available online, and if that's the case, I look forward to reading them, as I expect they'd be just as much fun to read as the similar chapters from the previous book).There *is* a lot to be found here, but it lacks the diversity that made the first volume so unique. In addition, I found his criticisms to be a bit inconsistent: for example, he mentions some major plot holes in J.J. Abrams' 2009 reboot film, but gives Star Trek: First Contact almost a free pass, pointing out only the slightest of continuity issues and not mentioning the film's rather large plot holes at all.And if there was one criticism I could level at the previous book, it's that it contained some factual errors. Unfortunately, that is true in this case as well -- I found the book's first two errors on page 3.It's not a bad book. But the author set the bar so high with the previous volume that it was disappointing to see this one fall flat. To the author, Mark Clark, if he ever happens to read this: I'm very, very sorry -- your previous book easily makes my list of top 3 all-time favorite Trek books.I highly recommend the first volume. As for this one, I'd recommend thumbing through it at a local bookstore and then deciding. And even though I'm a little disappointed, I don't regret buying it.

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