Life Lessons I've Learned From The Beatles

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 31, 2012)
Author Name:Rodney, Jack


This book is about lessons gleaned from decades of my following the group, not to rehash their     life stories, but to learn from them. 
It features lessons about business, spirituality, education, family, dreams & aspirations, and character.
What better way is there to teach someone to guard his hand during negotiations than to tell how Epstein lost countless millions by jumping at the first offer? How better to ease into discussing the afterlife than to detail Julian Lennon's chimney exploding the night his father died half a world away? The book has examples to emulate, such as George's organizing the first benefit rock concert as well as some to avoid, including Paul's lashing out at Ringo during the breakup.
There's snippets from their lives as well as stories of how their examples helped mold me--and us--into who we've become.


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  •     This is a must read for Beatle fans. There are many insights into the lives of the Beatles, the craziness of Beatlemania, and the solo careers of the individual members of the Beatles. I had no idea that Paul said what he said to Ringo. I had never heard the rumor about John. I didn't know that George's writing talent was somewhat ignored. There were many things I didn't know.The author presents his many Beatle facts and insights in an almost conversational framework. It's as though he and I are in a Starbucks; he's relating information and telling stories about the Beatles (that I'll assume are true), and then he's sharing his own similar experiences, all in an effort to give me advice on how to live.The book is very readable, though I don't understand why Kindle doesn't proofread for typos. The main problem with the book is that it is a bit long. I wish the author had lumped some of the stories and advice together so that there weren't so many chapters and sub-chapters.I recommend the book to anyone seeking Beatle information...and advice.
  •     Being a Beatles fan myself I had to read this from beginning to end. The insight from Jack Rodney was a breath of fresh air. He uses examples of his life as he intermingles stories of the Fab Four. From Beatlemania to the present, it provided a journey I have never taken before. This is an excellent read for anyone who is a fan of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. You will be totally enthralled by this book and that is a guarantee
  •     This book is written by a passionate Beatles fan. Mr. Rodney refers to many important Beatles-related events that span decades.Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Beatles is definitely written by a genuine, die-hard Beatles fan. The author certainly knows his Beatles “trivia” and his passion comes through clearly. I admire the author’s obvious enthusiasm. There were many things I didn’t already know about the Beatles, so it was interesting to read about them through the author’s retelling.The one thing I’d say is that the book is a little longer than might have been necessary. I think many of the stories could have been consolidated and streamlined for easier reading and quicker reference. The table of contents is extremely long.Other than that minor “criticism”, I’d say this is a great book for anyone who is a Beatles fan or wants to be.

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