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Press:Chambers Chambers; New edition edition (December 6, 2013)


Are you stuck on that final clue? Do you know some of the letters but not enough? The Chambers Crossword Lists is the ideal reference for crosswords of all types - cryptic, quick and general knowledge. 
Practical help The Chambers Crossword Completer enables you to complete your crossword by using the words from clues you have answered to fill in the gaps on clues you are struggling with.
Fully updated The Chambers Crossword Completer has been loved by a generation of crossword solvers.
This edition is fully updated with words from the latest edition of The Chambers Dictionary.
Easy to use The book is split into two sections, one with words arranged according to odd letters and one with words arranged according to even letters.
Within each section, the solutions are divided by word length, and then in alphabetical order.


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