The Little Black Book of Dirty Jokes (Little Black Books) (Little Black Books (Peter Pauper Hardcover))

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Press:Peter Pauper Pr Peter Pauper Press, Inc. (January 1, 2007)
Author Name:Beilenson, Evelyn


This raunchy little collection of smutty jokes serves up obscene amounts of fodder for every tasteless occasion. 
No one escapes its gritty pages--from doctors and ministers to donkeys and octogenarians.MATURE CONTENT.Large enough to contain hundreds of jokes, but small enough to easily be hidden from the kids!144 pagesDiscreet size: 4-1/4 inches wide x 5-3/4 inches highConcealed wire-o bindingBook lies flat for ease of useElastic band attached to back cover keeps your place or keeps book closed.


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  •     this is my first real review. if you red this thank youthis was a cool book if you could comment about how this went through,my good reads name is bea
  •     Showed up on time. Exactly what I wanted!
  •     `The Little Black Book of Dirty Jokes' will have you alternating between rolling your eyes, and rolling on the floor laughing your butt off. I found this after readingSex Jokes: Be Naughty and Laughby Stephen Williams, which was another really funny, really crude sex jokes book. Both were lusty and ludicrous, and will leave you in tears.First off, if sex jokes offend you or are not for you, leave this page now! This one is a no holds barred, rude, crude, dirty joke book for grownups only! It is perfect for a girls or guys night out, or just to share with friends when you are bored. I personally got it for my husband, who loves a good dirty joke, and he shared it with his work mates, who I am sure shared it with their wives, lol! The humor is raw, and the jokes are exactly what they say on the cover.I liked the fact that it was a pretty decent length, for an eBook. It seemed to have a lot of jokes in it, and wasn't too repetitive. It also had some cute little illustrations of men and women to break up the monotony of all of the words on the pages. This made it a little easier to read, and it sort of stood out and made the book look a little `classier'. The cover was great; it looked like a black notebook and was all discreet, so if you do opt for a physical copy you won't be embarrassed to carry it around.While I would never think to add a joke book to my collection to improve my sex life, I can see how this humor could add a little something extra to it. I love a funny guy, it's partly what attracted me to my husband, and this joke book would have had me in stitches when we were dating. No, I'm not completely bawdy, nor am I a prude, but I do enjoy a good dirty joke!If you are looking for a good gift for a guy with a silly sense of humor, this would be a great little stocking stuffer. While I probably wouldn't buy the paperback version (too easy for the kids to get hold of!), the eBook is the perfect way to enjoy the humor without worrying about the wrong eyes seeing the jokes.One of the best things about this book was the fact that I had never heard any of the jokes before. Not one of them. My husband tells me quite a few dirty jokes, but even he had only heard like two of these, so it was well worth getting it. It gave us a giggle, and gave him some new material to share with the guys at work. All in all, a great little joke book!
  •     I like the book - its compact and I can bring it to friends' houses and we can laugh at the jokes
  •     Ehh....a few good ones....but you have to search.
  •     This looks very much like some lazy cut-and-paste from similar boks. Not worth the trouble. Most are not funny, not to speak of dirty.
  •     thank you
  •     Arrived as desribed and on time.
  •     Unlike a few joke books I've ordered, this one has jokes that are not worn and old (at least I didn't know them) and are for the most part funny! Good for at the bar or just for kicks with your buddies.
  •     lots of funny jokes
  •     Truly funny
  •     Original.
  •     For those with a twisted and sarcastic sense of humor I highly recommend purchasing this book. Personally, this comedy prop fits snuggly next to the pocket constitution that I always carry around with me. For some reason the mood always lightens up whenever I pull out this book after (I wonder why?). For the faint hearted reading I would suggest that you look elsewhere for chuckles, some of the comedy is black and crude. However, for those with "flexible" morals and an open sense of humor I would say that this book will have you laughing, blushing and gasping all at the same time. Makes for an excellent icebreaker or Valentines' Day gift.

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