Property Transactions: Planning and Environment

Press: Sweet & Maxwell (December 4, 2006)
Author Name:Soloman, Gary; Messent, Georgie; Salter, Ian; Robinson, Patrick


This is a practical guide to the environmental and planning issues that arise in the course of property transactions. 
It will help the property lawyer draw his clients' attention to potential problems, advise on what needs to be done and act accordingly.
It highlights traps, pitfalls and issues in a practical, easy to read style, including worked examples to make the concepts involved more easily understandable.
It includes a chapter of precedents covering warranties, indemnities, terms and conditions appointing environmental consultants, the scope of environmental audits and the precedents themselves.
* Draws attention to traps and pitfalls and offers solutions * Covers residential and commercial property - sale, purchase and letting * Guides property practitioners through increasing amounts of planning and environment law * Includes practical steps and worked examples * Examines initial considerations such as the structure of the transaction, assessment of the potential liabilities and detail of the property * Advises on document drafting to include planning and environmental considerations * Covers the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

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