Arabian Horses: The Ultimate Collection of Equine Beauty

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Press: Assouline Publishing; Slp edition (November 19, 2013)
Author Name:Assouline
Edition:Slp Edition


Strong and powerful in body yet gentle and companionable in spirit, the horse has served both kings and peasants in war, work, and play for thousands of years. 
This lavishly illustrated volume features 100 images of equine excellence, capturing the magnificence and grace of the horse, from photographs by Alfred Stieglitz and Steven Klein to paintings by Da Vinci and Delacroix, presenting a complete study of the elegance and nobility that the horse embodies.


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  •     The price is way to high for this book (to bad it is a good book) so for those of us who can in no way afford $100 book aside from $600+, I would recommend the Arabian Horse Journal if you like to see Arabian beautiful horses and check out their books (just as good) on their website.
  •     This is a unique, very large, and high quality coffee table book that was published in a limited edition. It contains many beautiful photographs of Arabian horses primarily belonging to a significant Arabian horse breeder in the Arabian Gulf who has contributed immeasurably to the renaissance of the Arabian horse in its homelands. While providing useful history about the Arabian breed, it was obviously not meant to compete with average-size Arabian horse books or magazines. This book is a serious collector's item and should be included in any important equine library.

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