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Press:St Martins Pr National Lampoon Press; 29 Anv edition (June 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-6
Author Name:Miller, Chris


The greatest college comedy of all time is finally in book form for the first time since 1978. 
Go back to Delta House in this full-color special edition of Animal House, the illustrated novel.
Based on the beloved top-grossing comedy of all time, Animal House takes you from Rush Week to the Homecoming Parade, with Bluto, Otter, and the entire cast of characters for "individual acts of perversion SO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here."


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  •     This book (by Chris Miller who co-wrote the screenplay) is like having an extended version of the movie. Lots of scenes that didn't make it into the final cut are here in the book, and some of these were probably filmed (there's plenty of photos of scenes not in the movie(!)).A great job, and a worthwhile buy for the fan of the movie.
  •     hubby and I can rate it with 5 stars since he didn't stop laughing while reading this until the very end!!!! I highly recommend this for any of you out there who laughed along with the movie!! ENJOY....
  •     In a very real sense I've been waiting about twenty five years for this to be reissued. I tried to buy a copy from who over runs National Lampoon these days about ten years ago, even called long distance to California and spoke to a confused receptionist who said everything was in a warehouse in New Jersey waiting for lawsuits to be settled. Now, at last, Chris Miller's novelization is available. It was barely available back in the day (summer of 1978 for you chilluns) but I recall reading and re-reading this many many times, even Doug Kenney's hilarious Faber College Orientation Manual ("do co-eds really matriculate standing up?)Anyone who loves the movie will love this book. As is often the case, there's more material that didn't fit in the movie. Loads of autobiographical material like the real reason Larry got the pledge name Pinto. Lots of photos from the movie, art by longtime Lampoon artists like Sharry Flennikan. This is a book to be cherished and passed down to future generations. Buy several and your Christmas shopping is done six months early. Cheers!
  •     This book is a must have for Animal House fans. You will laugh untill you cry.
  •     classic book with a classic movie!
  •     I've seen Animal House numerous times and reading the book is a lot of fun and makes me want to see the film yet again.
  •     This concise but hillarious book makes an excellent companion to the superb 1978 comedy. I haven't seen this book for 30 years, but I still smile at its memory. The book provides pleasant background information to the movie, plus many chuckle-inducing scenes that didn't make the final cut. Did you know that the Delta's once tried to ship the statue of Emil Faber ("Knowledge is good") to the Kremlin? The letters of welcome to incoming Freshmen from Greg Marmarlard (head of the Greek Council), and from Doug Neidermayer (mentioning Cuba and Nagasaki State) were a riot. So was Dean Wormer's welcoming letter warning students against growing sideburns. There are also the Faber newspaper stories from after the toga party announcing that Mrs. Wormer will be taking a vacation, and one where an angry mayor warns the reporter that "Some punks will pay big. Don't print that!" Glad to see this book is now back in print - it's a short but hillarious companion to a great movie. Don't worry, reading it won't place you on Double Secret Probation. But it just might encourage some to start chanting, Toga, Toga...
  •     I got a copy of this book as a radio station giveaway in 1978. I've read it so many times that it's falling apart. The writers of the movie are the book writers, and some of the movie scenes are drawn cartoon style. There is so much more background info on the characters here than in the movie. This represents the peak of the National Lampoon era for writers and cartoonists, and all their best work is here. After reading the book, go back and watch the movie again. It'll be like seeing it for the first time.

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