The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips

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Press:Schiffer Publishing Schiffer Publishing (November 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-11-07
Author Name:Jim Phillips


This retrospective of Jim's skateboard art bombards the reader with colorful decks, logos, ad art, ad layouts, photos, and stickers to illustrate the history of skateboarding, from the urethane revolution to the present. 
Take a ride with an inside view o


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  •     Jim Phillips is finally stepping out from the obscurity of his drawing board to take a bow for the countless skating design innovations for which he is solely responsible. The skateboarding, surfing and rock & roll art of the last 30 years was trailblazed by this softspoken and humble artuer and the rest if the world has been playing catch-up ever since. Any skater who grew up riding in the 70s, 80s and 90s had these designs plastered on every wall of their bedroom as well as the decks of their boards. The ripples started in Santa Cruz, CA but have radiated out to impact the art worlds of Europe, Japan and Canada. Check out Jim's other 2 books on Rock Art and Surf/Skate art, too! AWESOME!
  •     Must have if your a Santa Cruz fan-
  •     First of all, Jim Phillips is pure genious!!! I'd love to see those morons that downed on this book to pull out a pen and even get close to his work! This guy is an art hero!!! This book will not disappoint for true unbiased art fans. Amazing stuff!!!
  •     Jim Phillips is a master. Loaded with amazing art.
  •     I think there is a big difference between this book and the Skateboard and rock poster book. This book comes with full blown pages of closeups of all of or most of Jim's artwork. I'm a hobby artist myself so I'm really jazzed up about this book. Another book to get that is rather intresting is Disposable which covers different skateboard companies and riders but you will be happy with this book here.
  •     The Skateboard Art of Jim PhillipsJim Phillips needs no introduction, his name alone being one of a handful behind the iconic skate graphics of the 80's and early 90's, before the next generation of skate companies were formed and the graphics became basic vector artwork with the advent of computer software.His most famous creation for Santa Cruz, the screaming hand, was rivalled only by Vernon Court Johnson's Powell Peralta Bones Ripper.This book is absolute eye candy for both nostalgic skaters and fans of modern detailed illustration who are interested in it's roots. These were the last true great skate graphics, beautiful hand rendered pieces splashed on decks, stickers, posters, and carefully redrawn inside schoolbooks during science class.Essential for all fans of illustration and anyone who skated in the 80's/early 90's
  •     I chose this book because I'm skateboarder since when i was 11 years oldI ever liked of skateboard culture, mainly the art of Jim PhillipsI recommended this book for skateboarders, designers, illustrators and artistsI thought low quality of graphic design project but the Jim Phillips' work is amazing
  •     if you like sk8, if you like art and design.... a must! besides that my first 2 tables when I was teen were the Roskopp IV and VII
  •     being an old school skater from the 70's (and yes I still skateboard), I bought this book for my nephew for he is a "new school" school skater and budding artist. he loved this book and it brought back some good memories and stories I could share with him.....
  •     Great book for the Jim Philips art and history, I highly recommend.
  •     So much beautiful, classic skateboard art in one convenient book.
  •     I bought this for my sixteen year old son who likes to skateboard and also dabbles in art. It was one of his Christmas gifts. He enjoyed it greatly. I got it for him more for the art aspect than the skateboarding part. I looked through it as well and I would like to have kept it for myself, but I wouldn't do that to him. It's really a cool book.
  •     The art was great. Love Jim Phillips but the book had a huge crease across the cover and the cover also had sticky residue on it. A lot of the pages had dog ears as well.
  •     Awesome comprehensive art book with great images.
  •     I had many of these boards and reading about the graphics on them, the back story is so much fun.
  •     Great stuff.
  •     Awesome!!
  •     Great book and awesome color images of the fantastic work of a Kustom Kulture legend!

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