Conquer the Casinos: A Computer Analysis of Successful Gaming Strategies

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Press: Barricade Books (July 2003)
Author Name:Koetsch, Philip


Whether your game is craps, blackjack, baccarat or the slots , this book is filled with information that will help turn you into a winner.


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  •     I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it provides a revealing statistical analysis of several popular betting strategies. I have not seen this type of statistical analysis elsewhere. Koetsch has written computer programs to run the numbers with millions of trials to give statistically significant results. The results are clearly interpreted and explained in the book. Tables are also included for those of us that prefer a glance at the numerical results. If you are interested in an analysis of the best betting strategy to use based on statistical evidence, then I heartily recommend this well-written book!
  •     This book is a must for anyone who wants to learn the most favorable betting strategies. The proof is in the mathematical/statistical analysis done by the computer. It showed me that my old betting habits weren't working. My last trip to Vegas yielded a winner!
  •     As a programmer, I also interesting in different betting system. When I first look at the title of the book, I feel lucky enough that I finally find a correct book to conquest the casino, as a programmer, we can program a betting system to see is working or not.After I finish reading, I feel very disappointing about this book, there are no any systems in this book can win money in the long run, and all the analyse information in this book can be done in one day!The author suggest "QUIT" when you ahead the casino. Yes, in 86% of the time, it works, but there are still 12% remaining that never get ahead the casino, once you together all the short section into a long section, you can find you still lose your money by the odd and the "law of large number".Don't waste your money, try the other authors like Fred Renzey, Frand Scoblete, Peter Griffith, Stanford Wong and Ken Fuchs.
  •     This book is filled with helpful results from real computer analysis. Now I know for sure which betting techniques work better. No math required, just an easy read and the solid information I needed for my trip to Vegas!
  •     William I too was wondering how the progression of bets work when using some of his strategies.When using G3M2lets say the follow occursWWLLWWThe bets would go?W(1)--W(2)--L(4)--L(1)---W(2)---W(1)(...)Thanks !B
  •     I read the chapter on slots, and tried the recommended method at a local casino and came out a winner! If you are interested in learning better betting strategies, then I would highly recommend reading "Conquer the Casino".
  •     For all of the analysis done the book is remarkably simple and easy to follow. The main message of the book...KNOW WHEN TO QUIT! Koetsch shows you when.
  •     "...Martingale...Koetsch's chapter on that particular form of wagering is one of the best you'll find anywhere." Gamblers Book Shop
  •     I am not sure about when you combine the linear and geometric bets with the Martingale. If you lose 1 chip and then use the Martingale and win 2, do you then go back to 1 or do you double the 2 to make 4 in a geometric system and add 1 to make 3 in a linear system? [...]
  •     Koetsch has conducted the most complete evaluation of progression betting strategies published to date. Anyone who has visited Vegas or Atlantic City, and dropped a small fortune when a progressive betting strategy went south will appreciate the extensive work Koetch has done to help change that result. He examines the use of moderate positive progression strategies mixed with a limited martingale negative progression. The easy to follow charts demonstrate to the reader that these progressions could be used to end short sessions of 100 decisions in the black almost every time.The writer is an engineer, and his short-efficient prose make even the most complex principles of statistical theory accessible to the non-math oriented player. Don't be fooled by the tables and math though, because this is a very practical text. The author invites the reader to pick the progression that fits his or her temperament for short term swings, and provides the player a very likely chance to leave the table within a 1-2 hours with a decent gain.On the other hand, Koetsch's science background contributes to the strength of the book in another way too. His detailed explanation of the experiment, and the circumstances of the program used inspires confidence in the reliability of the results, as well as his personal integrity: a welcome departure from many popular authors on gambling. I would not be surprised if his work spawns new interest from the MIT set in betting strategies as a potential success tool in low vig games such as craps, blackjack, and baccarat. My hope is Koetch continues his work on the subject, and for anyone who wants the best chance to come home a winner on any given trip to a casino destination, the book should be first on your list to buy.Robert B.Irvine, Ca.

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