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Press: Adams Media; Csm edition (November 18, 2011)
Author Name:Wallace, Richard J.; Wallace, James V.;


Can you name:All five movements of Beethoven's Missa solemnis. 
Check.The films that Kurosawa based on Western works.
Check.Dante's Nine Circles of Hell.
Check.If so, you're off to an edifying start--but that's just round one in this hard-hitting match of wits and wisdom.
Take the formidable plunge--and find out if you are truly well versed enough to call yourself an aspiring pundit, poet, and philosopher.
Either way, you'll be worthy of the esteemed moniker intellectual by the time you've gone the distance with this book.
(As Thoreau is our witness.)Whether you are just beginning to suspect you're the possessor of superior acumen or you'd bet your Homeric Greek translation of The Iliad on it, this book is an essential addition to any personal library.


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  •     I thought this might be a good book of quotes . This is a snob's way of getting into the publishing business. I was once told that you had to have a good book title to sell. So this book made the grade on that count, yet I is, for me, a very disappointing buy--let alone read.
  •     The book concentrates on american facts and places, and is extremely shallow. The Kindle version also lacks images, which makes it impossible to answer several questions. There is no discussion, no narrative and no explanation as to why any item on any list is there or why any of this is important. Huge disappointment. Useless if you live outside the USA.
  •     I saw this book as a pick in Mental Floss magazine and they usually do a good job recommending books so I pre-ordered it sight unseen.I was expecting something akin to a list of things to do, read, and see for intellectuals -- a literal checklist that you can work through and accomplish with notes and suggestions for each of the items.What I got was a small book with a list of facts about arts and science that I found boring.. I tried to at least learn some new things from it so it wasn't a total loss but the way the information was formatted made this difficult.I really don't see the point of this book unless you are self indulgent and checking off things you know that other people don't is your thing.. in that case order away otherwise avoid this book.
  •     Like another reviewer, I read about this in Mental Floss, and like that reviewer, I was also disappointed. I was expecting to learn something. I thought there would be lists from which I could learn about the various topics. I guess I expected it to be more like an Incomplete Education. It wasn't. It was little quizzes, without any explanations of the answers--therefore no opportunity to learn. Some of the quizzes didn't even test your knowledge; instead for instance, you'd get a point for every museum you had visited on the list. Does this make you an intellectual? Is a person who has the time and money to travel really more of an intellectual than a person who doesn't? Many of the quizzes didn't even have any questions; instead the quizee was instructed to give himself a point for each thing he knew from a list of facts. What fun is that?Also, for Kindle users, the book is not formatted properly for Kindles. Sometimes I inadvertently saw the answer before I wanted to because the answers were on the same page as the questions. Also, I was unable to answer some of the questions because there were no illustrations in the Kindle version. It is hard to answer what is in this picture when they don't include the picture.
  •     I thought this would be something along the lines of an intellectual's 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - a checklist of the art, music, literature, film, etc that you should check out to be a well-rounded, educated individual. Calling it a "checklist" is really not accurate - it's really more like a collection of mini-quizzes. Some of them are interesting, like matching the famous scientist to his/her discovery, but the vast majority are just lists of facts, like "Did you know these facts about symphonies?" followed by a list of five (VERY basic, by the way) facts, or "Do you...1.) subscribe to at least one daily newspaper; 2.) visit the library at least twice per month; 3.) support your local schools?" I'm keeping it because there are actually some useful lists in it, but it requires digging through a lot of what's basically just trivia lists.

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