The Heck Hypothesis

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Press: Xlibris, Corp. (February 18, 2009)
Author Name:Heck, Kenneth M.


Thousands of crop circles have been discovered and recorded in this generation, but no interpretive key has been available until now. 
This book, unique in crop circle literature, deciphers 2,000 circles as signs of a sequence of comet strikes extending over the next 250 years which will contribute to repeated crop shortages.
The extraterrestrial circle makers will be artificially directing these cosmic bodies to their impact areas, but before they begin they are revealing a large number of significant details about the whole process.
Using the crop circles, plus biblical and personal prophecies, the author has derived approximate dates and locations for the global impacts.


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  •     Mr. Heck has bathed too long in the pseudo-scientific Christian community relying on fear and menaces to gain attention.He admits that the language of the crop circles has never been deciphered but right along explains what they mean based on sacred prophesies and other self-serving personal predictions he does not take time to justify.Space research has been for decades a pillar of black budgets paying sinecures to millions of pseudo scientists to develop space weapons to defend America against the bad soviets. With the calming of relations between the two countries the space clique began a decade ago to transfert the threat of destruction from foreign weapons to comets.In doing the bidding of the space weapons clique, Heck has found a large market for his meaningless elaborations on interpreting the bible and its prophesies nobody know who concocted them. But Heck claims that he does.Buy the book as it is worth knowing the extent of the lack of information on crop circles by self-promoted autorities.There are excellent books on crop circles showing keys to their understanding, even complex mathematical formula unknown to this day. A response to Carl Sagan message to space has been answered and is well documented, except that it is so outrageous to pseudo scientists that they won't even look at the evidence.The crop circles phenomenon presents a universal, non-sectarian method to bring to men important messages to better their civilization. Heck's idea that comets striking earth is the only way for civilization to progress intimates how the Universal Father proceeds with his creation. Which is pretty near absurd for a Christian.April Seventeen
  •     I am intrigued by Kenneth M. Heck's collection of crop formation designs and the insight he provides. His books, including this recent edition, have assisted me in several of my investigations. I recommend this study to anyone interested in this phenomenon and I look forward to further editions.

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