Cell Phone Culture: Mobile Technology in Everyday Life

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Press:Routledge Routledge; New Ed edition (October 15, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-10-15
Author Name:Gerard Goggin
Edition:New Ed Edition


Providing the first comprehensive, accessible, and international introduction to cell phone culture and theory, this book is and clear and sophisticated overview of mobile telecommunications, putting the technology in historical and technical context. 
Interdisciplinary in its conceptual framework, Cell Phone Culture draws on a wide range of national, regional, and international examples, to carefully explore the new forms of consumption and use of communication and media technology that the phenomenon of mobiles represents.
This fascinating biography of an important cultural object: adopts an integrated multiperspective approach considers the mobile phone and its history, production, design, consumption and representation examines the implications in contemporary media convergence such as digital photography an mobile internet.
Also reflecting on the challenges and provocations of mobile phone technology and use, this is an absolute must read for any student of media studies, cultural studies or technology.


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  •     One of Goggin's masterpiece
  •     Technology in book is a little dated but I think the principles the author wrote about are solid and apply even more today.
  •     Goggin's approach on the cell phone mobile culture gives one a wide view on the matter. The book has a really complete history review, with many interesting anecdotes. It also includes an anthropological review of how this new technology piece affects our everyday lives, transforms basic habits and even developing a dependency syndrome.I found this book very interesting in many different levels and think it succeeds in giving an approach on a subject really new and unspoken so far.

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