These Things I Remember

Press: Lulu Enterprises, UK Ltd (July 1, 2007)
Author Name:Myers, Margaret


"TheseThings I Remember" describes the life of a learned man in a religious Jewish environment in Northeast Poland. 
Imbued from early childhood with a deep love of learning, he marries at 15 then makes a career in the cloth and leather trades.
His yearning for the Land of Israel takes him there twice to buy land for the people of his town.When his fourth son absconds from the Tsar's army and ends up in London, the father brings him a bride all the way from Poland - detailing his impressions of a foreigner's visit to London.
He returns to Poland, is caught up in WW1, goes into exile and is caught up in the revolution.
Back in Poland the whirlwind of the First World War and the Russion Revolution wreak havoc on this man's life leaving him to die in poverty.
This book sheds extraordinary light on on Jewish life in the Pale of Settlement and on the reasons for the mass exodus of Jews to Western Europe, to America and to Palestine."


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